What Bartending Skills Do You Need to Grow Your Career?

Are you interested in learning more about bartending as a new career choice?

If so, you might be wondering what kinds of skills it takes to be a good bartender. Knowing what bartending skills you need to grow your career can help you learn more about the career and get started sooner.

Here are a few of the bartending skills you should look out for.


Bartending skills can help to grow a career in communication. Not only must bartenders be able to mix drinks, but also to communicate with customers.

A good bartender should be able to ask the right questions to understand what the customer wants and should be able to provide helpful information and friendly service. Good communication skills are also vital when navigating difficult conversations with customers or when dealing with complaints.

Guest Services

Bartending skills play an important role in the success of guest services. Engaging guests with friendly conversation and interacting with them in a polite and professional way is essential for building relationships and creating repeat customers.

Bartenders should possess good customer service skills to accommodate guests’ needs and provide them with great service. Developing these skills can help bartenders build strong customer relationships and increase the profitability of guest services.

Composure and Decision Making

Making quick but accurate decisions can mean the difference between a successful business venture and one that falls short. Decision-making skills are not only beneficial for helping you achieve success, but they are also a stress-reliever as well.

Being able to assess a situation calmly and without rushing to judgment can ease the pressure of the job and give you more control. Decision-making skills provide an edge in working through the many daily details a bartender must deftly manage, say, for example, if you want to take an old fashioned kit for bourbon lovers or mixed drinks.


Having a good memory is essential if you want to become a bartender. Bartending involves the ability to multitask while remembering customer preferences, sometimes over hundreds of drinks and regular customers.

Writing down recipes and cutting and memorizing fruit can help bartenders to store all information and hone in on their memorization skills. Keeping up with drink trends, knowing which drinks will appeal to different types of customers, and being able to recall facts or details about specialty drinks can be immensely beneficial.

Physical Stamina and Strength

Bartending requires physical stamina and strength in order to work long hours and make the guests happy. Bartenders must be able to stand for hours, move and reach behind the bar quickly and perform the physical tasks of the job.

Physical strength and stamina are essential for opening bottles and dealing with heavy trays and crates. Bartenders must have the endurance to serve numerous guests and drinks without taking breaks.

They should also stay alert and be able to react quickly when problems arise. If bartenders can acquire better physical fitness, they can become more effective and efficient in their job.

Learn More About Bartending Skills

To grow your career as a bartender, bartending skills such as customer service and product knowledge are essential. Additionally, it is important to stay updated on new trends and drinks and seek new opportunities to be creative.

With the right skills, like the ones mentioned, you can take your career to great heights.

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