Why Digital Greeting Cards Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Gone are the days when people bought physical greeting cards and sent them by mail (unless
you're the romantic type). It was inevitable with the arrival of the Internet. Because of easier
access to information through the World Wide Web, communication became seamless and
straightforward. You don’t even have to worry about your message coming late or going missing
by post.
With a digital greeting card, you can choose the specific time you’d want the person to receive
the card.
In 1994, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) sent the first digital greeting card. This
iteration of the concept was so simple that it only had one image and minimal space for text. It's
a far cry from the digital greeting cards people know today.
Digital greeting cards are perfect for any occasion; this post will explain why. Aside from
sending them for birthdays, anniversaries, and other life events, you can choose one with a
corresponding donation to support a good cause like the Charity Christmas Ecards in Australia.
Here’s a quick breakdown of why they’re perfect for any occasion.

1. They Are Convenient

With traditional cards, you have to go to the store and spend minutes standing in front of an array
of cards that will make your head spin. Although they already have a greeting in front, it’s
customary that you write your personal message inside. Otherwise, the receiver might get the
wrong idea that you’re just forced or obliged to send one for them.
All of that’s a hassle you’d rather do away with in today’s world.
With digital greeting cards, you can get one wherever you are, whether in the office, in the
comfort of your own home, or while vacationing in the tropics. So long as you have an internet
connection and a device, you can send them anytime you want.
The only downside is that you can’t make an excuse for missing out on sending your loved one a
birthday card because you’re busy; it literally takes minutes or even seconds to finish.

2. The Planet Will Thank You

If you’re conscious of your carbon footprint, a digital greeting card is your best option to deliver
your heartfelt messages. Unlike traditional greeting cards that use an enormous amount of paper,
ink, electricity, and gas and contribute to the planet’s waste, a digital one barely has the most
minimal environmental impact.
By choosing a digital greeting card, you’re significantly reducing the amount of resources you
consume. It’s paperless, requires no physical transportation, doesn't need packaging to deliver,
and can be easily stored or deleted.

3. They Save You Money

The cost can add up quickly when you get a traditional paper card. Though the thing itself is
relatively cheap, sending it to the recipient, especially abroad, can be costly. You would have to
buy stamps and envelopes. And if you want to enclose something like photos or paper money,
the weight will make the shipping more expensive.
In contrast, sending a virtual card with images or money via a wire transfer will only cost you a
measly amount for the Internet and the transaction fees. More importantly, you get to choose
between premium ones, free ones, and even ones you can customize.

4. They Are Highly Customizable

With a digital greeting card, there is no shortage of ideas. The sky’s the limit in terms of design
and personalization. If you’re at a loss on what to make, there are templates you can get and edit
to your liking. Just upload photos and change the text, and you’re good to go.
Thousands of websites and apps offer this service, and you have complete control over what you
want to make.

5. They Are Lightning Fast

Traditional cards take days, even weeks, to arrive. That is, if they don’t get lost.
On the other hand, digital greeting cards are sent through email or messaging apps and received
instantly. Time zones and distances don’t even matter. This can be especially helpful for last-
minute messages you need to send.
6. They Can Be Kept Forever
Unlike physical cards that get lost, damaged, or thrown away, a digital greeting card will be on
your computer or the cloud until you delete it. This means you can revisit and reread messages
In addition, you can share or forward the card to others to spread love or show them off. That
includes greetings you get for a promotion or an achievement at school.

Send One Today

Digital greeting cards have changed the way people exchange messages with others. With their
many perks, it’s clear why they have an advantage over traditional greeting cards. If you haven’t
given them a try, now is a good time as any.

Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

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