Why Do Trees Die? This Is What You Need to Know

Are the trees in your backyard starting to die? Don’t blame yourself. Even if you’ve never had success with maintaining plants, it might not be your fault that they’re not looking as vibrant as they once did. Trees are living, breathing organisms; some have a certain lifespan. If you want to rid yourself of the guilt and understand why do trees die, then breeze through this article for some of the most common causes.

Why Do Trees Die in Any Environment?

The place where the tree is planted has the most amount of impact on a tree’s life. This is because it needs access to water and good soil conditions to survive. This is why a lot of them don’t make it to areas stricken by drought.

But sometimes, there is still hope. If you’re wondering how to save your dying tree, then the best strategy is to relocate it safely to another location where it can get the nutrients it needs.

How Do Insects and Diseases Kill Trees?

Diseases are one of the causes of dying trees in forests. The three worst ones include anthracnose, oak wilt, and armillaria root rot. They infect it through bark wounds, leaves, and roots and can make quick work of a dying tree.

While it’s in this vulnerable state, insects will make their way and contribute to the tree’s demise. They do this by spreading the disease and fungi to surrounding vegetation. Some of the culprits responsible include emerald ash borers, pine beetles, and gypsy moths.

Do Natural Disasters Contribute?

Another reason why trees die is the after-effects of a natural disaster. Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a forest environment or a suburban area. But, again, the impacts can be harmful.

Fires, tornados, and floods cause damage to the limbs and roots that leave them vulnerable. But what causes a tree to die in this state are the pests and diseases that take advantage of it while it’s in this state.

How Do Trees Die of Old Age?

The dying process for a tree can take centuries. This is even when it’s living in an ideal environment with easy access to food and water. Then, after it matures, it struggles to support itself and begins to stop absorbing what it needs to stay alive.

As it continues to weaken, it begins to collapse under its own weight. Eventually, it crumbles to the ground completely and helps feed the other vegetation around it with what’s left of it.

Find the Help That You Need

With the exception of growing old, it’s possible to revive trees from the brink of death to extend their lifespan. If you can provide them with a healthy environment and access to the right nutrients and water, their chances of survival increase.

Whether you’re wondering why do trees die or how to develop your own app, it’s highly likely we’ve got the answer to your questions. So continuing to follow our blog if you want to learn everything about these subjects and more.

Yvan Lebrun
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