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the use of web pages for the review of financial markets is becoming more frequent, and to start looking for the ideal page on the internet you will have to take into account the dozens of options with which you can find, all different and some more complicated than others.

Finding an efficient platform to manage your transactions can be quite difficult and services like Xtrade appear frequently on your screen. Therefore, to save you time in your search on the internet, we decided to do this full Xtrade review.

How Does Xtrade Work?

If you want to improve your trading skills or you are a beginner trader looking for information or training, this platform promises to be quite efficient.

Xtrade is one of the most complete platforms with which you can run online, which in addition to allowing the display of graphics and news facilitates even the exchange of the main crypto-currencies.

On this, you have two access options to become a user of Xtrade:

  • Use the totally free version that you will find on the main page.

Unfortunately, in this way you only get a demo version of the system, not including access to all the benefits offered, and you can only observe and practice with it for a short period of time.

  • Open a real trading account, with which you must cancel a registration fee of $ 25. The registration will only take about two minutes and will require security information, such as an identity document, either your passport or social security number.

You can deposit money to the platform, both for your opening fee and to invest through credit card, Skrill or bank transfers.

What Will You Get?

Xtrade wants you to explore the world of trading and teach you the mastery of the tools necessary to become a great professional trader

How Do They Do That?

Well, for free you can find the section “News and analysis” which is divided into 5 sections containing:

  • Chartist Market Reports
  • Auto chart is alerts
  • Xtrade Newsletter
  • Financial calendar
  • Chartist market

These are mainly planned by the same operators, giving commercial strategies and keeping everything up to date with the news and market analysis.

In this way they facilitate operations for the most novice, then if you want to create your own strategies you can do it through the sixth option through the graphs.

Financial News

Xtrade keeps you up to date with market news, economic events and what drives the financial markets.

NoteIn this section, you can find comments or suggestions from professional analysts of the global market.


If you are a beginner Xtrade offers you a trading training service, with guides for reading charts and managing your operations, which will help you learn and understand the market.

Among the training benefits you will have access to the following functions:

  • Tutorial videos– where you can see, for free, how the platform works step by step.
  • Courses– To access these you must open the real account and cancel the registration fee, you can find 5 different courses, which will expand your trading skills.
  • eBooks– Like the courses, to access these you must register in a real account, they contain several titles on specific trading topics and strategies.
  • Glossary– You can access this for free, counting with a wide range of terms mostly used in trading.

User Interface

The platform is quite friendly to the eye and is also easy to use, equipped with the most common commercial tools and functions such as graphs and technical analysis indicators.

In addition, Xtrade is software available for different mobile devices, so that your activities do not have to be limited to the computer.

  • Xtrade Web trader– It is based on the browser and offers the widest range of functions and tools between versions. In addition, it does not require any type of installation or prior to download.
  • App for Smartphone– Allows you to keep abreast of the news and perform operations in just a moment. This app is available for downloads in Google Play and App Store, and its installation and download are completely free.
  • Xtrade app for tablets– It has a more advanced interface than the mobile version, it allows you to see reports and news from the financial market, make transactions and use some additional graphics It is also available in Google Play and App Store.

It is worth to give it a try! –Especially if you are a beginner-

Xtrade offers a nice trading information service, which combined with a trading platform allows it to be great in many ways.

In the end, its main advantage is the possibility of using the training platform to learn how to trade at low risk and one of the lowest prices for training in the market. Also working pretty well as your first trading site.

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