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Zenefits Review

Zenefits is a software created by the North American company (based in San Francisco) under the same name that serves to keep track of time, making it easy to track all employees’ work time in your company.

It is a feasible option as a program for managing the workforce you have in your company. It is currently available only for use in the United States and allows you to manage small, medium, and large companies.

With Zenefits’ enterprise software, your employees can record their schedules from any device, and managers can approve their time requests in seconds.

Zenefits also offers the ability to synchronize payroll with employee schedules, thus helping to manage working time.

What does Zenefits offer?

This software offers many services. We can mention the management by the Zenefits editor in terms of updating and assistance, without having to worry about making a constant check of the process.

If you have a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system, you will have no problem having this software through your favorite browser, and best of all, it does not occupy storage space since these are stored and protected by the Zenefits editor itself.

You can do one of a free trial, or if you want to have access to all the human resources control tools that Zenefits has to offer, you can buy a subscription for approximately $8.00 per month, which you could say is software whose price and quality have a good balance.

Some of the functions and features that Zenefits offers are general and basic knowledge through demos and tutorials. You can also keep rigorous control of access to company servers and easily access online information, which is important when you easily manage the tool in this specific area.

HR Benefits and Payroll Technology

You will be able to create a database of your employees. You have the option of hiring employees, make real-time and personalized reports, as well as statistical reports.

You can also keep the management and selection of your company’s work staff and their performance, and you have the option of integrating third parties. You will also be able to receive automatic notifications about the process being carried out.

You will have your panel of activities, a portal for your employees and workers, and even an important feature, reminders you always have relevant information about your company that you should not overlook.

Is Zenefits a reliable product?

Based on users’ opinions who have tried the different features and services offered by Zenefits software, we can tell you that the system works positively. Having good comments regarding the ease of use of the program, the technical support or customer service, and good functionalities that meet the needs of users who buy this product, we can say that it is worth the money.

Besides, Zenefits has a good relationship between the quality of its service and the price at which it must be purchased, so we can say that it is a good software consolidated by the positive opinion of users, although of course, like all software, is not perfect and has certain details that can be optimized.

Advantages of Zenefits

  • It allows you to store all your employees’ documents in one place.
  • You can add employees using the add-on option through the software to have their profile and include their documentation.
  • It is simple and easy to use for both employees and workers.
  • Employees can add requests for time off, benefits, and more.
  • Simple to understand interface.
  • Saves time and money in human resources.

Disadvantages of Zenefits

  • In some cases, such as time-tracking placement for sub-contracted employees, too much manual user time is required, defeating the purpose of the software.
  • Certain balances and values that have been gradually included in the software are still missing.
  • In some cases, federal and state taxes are incorrectly presented.
  • Tax reports are not available on the web portal and must be specifically requested.  


While the service is overall good, the software still has some notorious downsides. If you can live with that, then it is worth the price. Besides, the program is still in development and will probably improve from the standing point. Hopefully, this Zenefits review will help you choose what is best for your company’s needs.

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