6 Fun and Easy Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Maybe you can remember having fundraisers in the form of selling cookies and lemonade as a child. You may have done this as part of a boy or girl scout group or for your school. Those were good for pulling in the profits.

Now, as a grownup, you may still be part of a group that wishes to do fundraising. With even more amazing and innovative ideas now available, fundraisers are still going stronger than ever.

If you’re charged with planning your group’s next fundraiser, there’s no need to stress — it’s easy to keep the “fun” in fundraiser! Check out these six easy fundraising ideas for small groups.

1. Raffles

Raffles are a sure thing when you want a successful fundraiser. You can combine it with a larger event or simply leave it as a standalone. A raffle that is 50/50 in nature is ideal since it’s a win-win for everyone.

You get half the proceeds earned and so does the winner. Supporters tend to also get their family and friends involved. In some cases, the winner will even donate their winnings back to your organization!

A good way to promote your raffle is by sharing it on social media. Also plan to announce the winner at an event where you can highlight your group’s cause.

2. Book Sales

Believe it or not, there’s a book for everyone. Used book sales are great for small groups.

You can ask for donations weeks before and sell them on the day of your fundraiser. Ask for books on all subjects and topics since many people impulsively buy used books based on the selection available.

3. Community Potlucks

These are a great option for a successful fundraiser. They’re ideal for strengthening your group’s relationship with your community. Moreover, they leave your supporters with wonderful memories while allowing you to champion your cause.

Be sure to plan it weeks in advance, promote it, and give your supporters adequate time to prepare and register.

4. Yard Sales

Tested and tried, these give great results. You can host the event at your group’s office.

Gather donations of clothes in good condition, collectibles, and home items. Add a few high ticket items as well. Promotion is your friend, so use your resources on social media to advertise pictures of a few items that will be included in the sale.

5. Film

Host an amateur film competition. Make it a contest where you charge viewers a small fee to vote for their favorite film.

You can also keep it more conventional and show a popular film that everyone would like. Charge an entry fee and sell refreshments.

6. Candy Craze

Try hosting a candy bar fundraiser. Sell popular candies and chocolate.

You can sell a package with a variety that caters to everyone. If you offer a wide variety you can expect more support, so get creative.

A Final Look at Easy Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

There are interesting, fun, and easy fundraising ideas for small groups that will have you raising the money you need in no time. The quicker you can set up a fundraiser and the less you have to pay to get it off the ground the more profits you’ll make.

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