Money Transfers

With the advancement of the internet and the inclusion of financial companies in the online world, countless other companies and platforms have been created that offer secure online money transfer services. Discover in our lists the best money transfer sites and decide which one(s) best suits your needs.

AirWallex is a platform dedicated to managing payments without borders. No matter where you are in the world.

At some point, you must have needed to make a payment through the internet. Neteller is a secure, fast, and easy to handle digital wallet.

What is Melio Pay, and how does it work? Is it secure? What are the costs of this service? Join us in this Melio Pay Review to find out!

Skrill is one of the most widely used payment methods for most recognized bookmakers. To know more about them, here is our Skrill review!

Send money anywhere in the world with these sites like Western Union. Send and receive money anywhere, any time of the day.

Send or receive money online with ease in complete security using these excellent websites like PayPal - Check out these PayPal alternatives!

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What are money transfer websites?

These sites are web platforms or mobile applications focused on processing money transfers to other people and businesses or making online payments. You would be surprised to know how many offers exist on the web. Some are focused on functioning as electronic wallets, while others function as payment platforms, only serving as a link between accounts.

Discover the best options at GoodSitesLike, check out their list of money transfer websites, and expand your opportunities. It doesn’t hurt to have several payment options when shopping online, paying for your hosting, or buying goods and services.

What types of money transfer websites?

Nowadays, it is very common to hear about payment platforms, their security, speed, and effectiveness. Many banks, companies, and businesses accept transfers and payments from these platforms and applications. Discover here our list of options:

  • Best Payment platforms like Skrill
  • Best Payment platforms for cryptocurrencies
  • Best Cold wallets
  • And much more

How do we find the websites in our listings?

Money transfer platforms and applications are experiencing a boom due to their reliability, simplicity, and speed in the process, which is why many people, companies, and businesses are joining their use. We can find in stores, hotels, hostels, online stores, and more the acceptance notices of the most popular money transfer sites in the market.

To enter these sites into our list, our team evaluates the conformation, seriousness and track record, regulation, and overall operation. Among others, we always check that the payments and money transfer sites here count with these features:

  • Valid licenses
  • Great reputation
  • Respectable fees
  • Transfer protections for both parties
  • Valid security measures and warrants so your money is secured

So you can be confident that all the sites listed on GoodSitesLike have been very well-rated. On the other hand, we also include in our listings some sites that do not meet our expectations to help you avoid them!

Why explore other options? 

When we make purchases or need to make money transfers, we need to have several options or tools that allow a safe, fast and effective operation. When it comes to money, the care is extreme. We do not want to lose time or money for a failed process.

Therefore, having a site where we can explore different options is a great advantage, and you can achieve that by exploring our lists of Money Transfer Websites.

Constant updates

The constant updating of our lists allows us always to have concrete and accurate information about the listed sites. These money transfer sites are always being updated with promotions, and new services, including new countries to their operations or offering new features to their customers. Therefore, our team will always be reviewing, cataloging, and updating our lists, providing you with the most updated information.