Making Your Own Jewelry From Home

Making your own jewelry can be lots of fun. You can make matching sets to go with every outfit. In addition, you can also make gifts for friends and family. If you see yourself as creative and you like wearing jewelry, then making your own can be great fun for you.

As with anything else, however, there’s a lot more to it than just buying some string and some beads. There are specials tools, specific gadgets, and a lot more which you’ll need before making your own jewelry. Here’s some advice on jewelry-making to get you started.

#1- Realize What All You’ll Need

As mentioned before, there are special tools, such as pliers and wire cutters, that you’ll need and specific gadgets, such as crimps and clasps, as well as the right type of string (fishing wire actually works great and is much stronger than jewelry string.)

Some people also like to use a necklace board which holds strings in place in order to make it easier to put beads on them, but that’s a personal preference.

There are also many types of jewelry you can make, so buying a book on which type you are interested in should also tell you what you’ll need to get started.

#2- Go Bead Shopping!

For some, this is the best part about making your jewelry, you get to go bead shopping. Craft stores generally have a huge selection of beads, pendants, crystals, charms, and just about anything else you can think of concerning jewelry-making.

Be sure to match up your beads you intend to put on the same piece of jewelry. There’s nothing worse than thinking something matches until you get it home and it’s a completely different shade.

#3- Enjoy Yourself and Be Creative

Just because “everyone else” likes necklaces made a specific way doesn’t mean that you have to follow in their footsteps. This is an opportunity to let your creativity shine.

The more you make, the more ideas you’ll get. You can make beaded bookmarks, keychains, and even barefoot sandals. Also, you can put whichever colors together you want.

Don’t let anyone dictate to you how it should be done. This is your jewelry-making; do it how you want and have fun!

#4- Keep Them or Give Them Away

Not only can you make yourself a matching set of jewelry for every outfit, but you know have the skills needed to provide you with a way of making gifts for others.

Handmade jewelry shows you care and put time and effort into it, making them thoughtful gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, or just because.

Making jewelry can also be therapeutic, so even when you give them away, you’re still doing something for yourself as well. Have fun and make something beautiful!

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