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If you haven’t heard of Tuango, don’t feel bad, at least you know about it now. One of the best places to find one-day deals and recurring offers is Tuango. Tuango is a daily deals website that will make life much easier and make your wallet very happy. This website is based in Montreal Quebec, Canada. You’ll find one-day deals that can save you anything from 50% to 90% off retail cost.

Tuango has offers on everything. Spas, activities, shows, restaurants, beauty products, food, and more. Treat yourself to something special or buy a gift for a friend on Tuango. Either way, you’ll save a lot of money.

There are over a million users on this site. The more people who join Tuango, the better the offers will be. Tuango uses its website traffic to negotiate better deals with companies. Tuango also offers group purchase deals, these deals will save you even more on particular events and outings.

For these deals to go through, they must meet certain requirements. If you want to receive exclusive offers and amazing discounts by email, simply register your address on the Tuango site.

Deals of The Day

You can also specify your region for more precise savings. Tuango is a fairly new website, it was created in 2010, since then, it has been growing each day. Discover, share, save, and experience something new each day with Tuango. Tell your friends about this site, if more people join, the offers will be even better.

Unfortunately, these deals of the day, are only available in Quebec, Canada. If you want to enjoy group offers and special savings in other parts of the world, browse our list of daily deal sites like Tuango below. You’ll want to bookmark them all, they’re that good.

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Groupon has some of the best deals online for people living all over the world. Groupon currently has offers for over 100 countries worldwide. Find some of the best deals today for things like travel, goods, services, and activities and search for deals that take place a few weeks in the future.

Plan your holidays and vacations around the great deals found on this site. Save money and get ready for a ton of fun things to do. Groupon has over 48 million customers and more than 420,000 active deals each day, but sometimes deals don’t make it to the right amount of bids.

If you need help filling up your Groupon, ask your friends and family members, you might be able to get enough to grab the Groupon deal you’ve been coveting. The deals on this site can run out, so this means that if you find an offer that looks good to you, grab it fast because the next time you log onto Groupon, it might be gone forever.

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Sweet Deals


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Sweet Deals is one of the top daily sale websites like Tuango. On this addition to our list of online deals websites, you will find sweet deals that will help you save money each day. Sweet Deals connects you with travel, product, and local deals. You can also find savings across the country.

If a deal is available, chances are, Sweet Deals has found it and posted it on their website. If you love gift cards, you’ll love the gift card section on this site, they are sold for less than retail and are available digitally. Sign up for their email newsletter for unbeatable deals chosen just for you.

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If you love crazy deals, you’ll love Tanga. Tanga gives you featured deals each day. These deals are curated by experts who scour the web to find the lowest prices on the web. The Tanga marketplace is filled with items from around the world. You can’t purchase them directly on the Tanga website but you will be redirected to the right website.

Since you’re redirected, you must remember that each offer is from a different company which means different shipping fees and delivery times come with each order. There are at least two new deals on this site each day but they only last 24 hours so check back often to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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MobStub is a great alternative to Tuango, this site has some of the best internet deals we could find. This site offers deals and discounts for everyone living in the United States of America. Unfortunately, there are no MobStub deals for those living anywhere else. MobStub searches the web each day to find exclusive offers from national chains, boutiques and retail stores in the USA.

MobStub is obsessed when it comes to savings, their main focus is to find a better deal than anywhere else. On this site, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the amazing offers. Here, you can find savings on electronics, jewelry, clothing, toys, and more. Start browsing the MobStub website now to find new deals every day.

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SlickDeals is another one of the top daily deal sites like Tuango. On this site, you will find coupons, promos, and a ton of discounts. SlickDeals also has a huge collection of freebies for you to enjoy. Browse many categories like books, computers, furniture, clothing, groceries, and more, to find enjoyable savings.

SlickDeals has over 10 million monthly users and has helped people save over 4 billion dollars since they started their website only a few years ago. Install the mobile app to save money wherever you go, don’t forget to check it out before you walk into a store, you might have a coupon code available.

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