A 4-Step Guide To Decluttering Your Garden

Most people associate decluttering with indoor spaces. They don’t realize that it can also apply to exterior spaces like the garage, porch, deck, and backyard. In this article, we’ll shine some light on decluttering the garden.

Gardens are often overlooked, and as a result, it becomes so messy, less functional, and unappealing. If that has been the case with your garden, it’s time for you to declutter it. Follow the guide below on how to make your outdoor space look beautiful again.


Tidy Up

The first thing you should do is tidy up. Go around the garden and pick up any kind of clutter you can see, such as toys, tools, broken pots, outdoor furniture, dead leaves, twigs, and many more. 

If your kids love to play in the garden, a toy box where you can easily store their playthings after they’re done playing can be a smart decluttering strategy. As for equipment, you might want to store it in a storage box or shed if you have one. Storing things that you often use, like garden furniture, lawnmower, or hedge trimmer, will not only help declutter your garden but also ensure that these things last longer. 

If all the tools and outdoor furniture cannot fit in your shed, and you don’t have any other space to store these things on your property, you might want to consider renting a storage unit to keep them safe. As for broken equipment and other yard waste, it would be practical to hire dirt cheap rubbish removal services to haul them away. 

Decide What To Keep Or Throw Away

This is especially true if you have limited storage space for all your garden equipment and furniture. Once you’re done picking up all the clutter around the garden, it’ll be easier for you to see which ones should be stored or thrown away. Separate them into three categories: the ones to keep, broken or damaged that need to be ditched, and anything that can be given to others.

Sorting out the clutter in your garden can be incredibly therapeutic. Once you’re done storing the things you really need, you can proceed to declutter the rest of your outdoor space and give it a fresh new look.

Prune It

The next step in decluttering your garden is pruning or removing any overgrown plants, shrubs, or trees that make your outdoor space look messy and ugly. Plants and trees can certainly make your garden beautiful and provide health benefits for you and your family. But if they become overgrown or untidy, they can also make your garden look disorganized and neglected. 

Investing some time to tend to the greenery in your garden can pay dividends, especially in the long run. Even if you don’t have the time, you can always rely on a professional to take care of your garden for you. Pruning or removing a tree is dangerous, and only qualified professionals can pull it off.

Do Not Forget To Add Some Finishing Touches

Lastly, add some finishing touches to your garden. Once you’re done cleaning, picking up clutter, and trimming the plants or trees, you can focus on brightening up the outdoor space to give it a refreshing look.

The internet is filled with many design inspirations you can choose from and pick a style you prefer for your garden. Depending on your preferences, you can add wooden furniture, hang a couple of lanterns, or install some outdoor lights to create a relaxed, vintage mood. 

Take note, though, that you should put out just enough furniture for the number of people who will use it! Putting out a lot of garden chairs is not ideal, especially if you don’t have guests coming. Store the rest in the shed. 

Also, don’t forget to position the garden furniture in a shaded area properly, so you don’t get burned by the sun or drenched when it rains.

Final Thoughts

Most homeowners tend to overlook their gardens. They don’t realize that it’s readily visible to everyone, such as friends, neighbors, or strangers just passing by. 

If you have a garden, take a look and see if it looks like a jungle. If so, you should be on top of it and start working on it before it gives you more headaches. Rest assured that all your efforts to restore your garden will be rewarded! 

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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