A Guide to Selecting Your Best Campervan Insurance

Whether you’ve chosen campervan living as a lifestyle or you’re more of a weekend warrior, when it comes to insurance, you’ll want the best protection for your unique situation. With so many options, selecting the right policy can feel as challenging as finding a place to set up camp during the high holiday season.

That’s why we’ve put together a mini-guide to choosing campervan insurance.

Here you’ll discover tips on getting the best coverage, campervan insurance rules, and more. So take a minute and read today’s post before you set out on your next camping adventure.

Play by the Rules

Most people who live the campervan life participate in online forums and subscribe to social media channels and newsletters other enthusiasts write. That means you’ll read a world of opinions on insurance.

Listening to the experience of others can help you with multiple aspects of owning and operating a campervan. There’s one piece of advice you should always ignore—fibbing to your insurance provider.

Some insurance companies won’t underwrite a policy if you tell them you live in your campervan full-time. Unfortunately, the rule often tempts people to omit that information when they apply for their policy.

Another point some owners hesitate to mention is that they want to ensure a self-build campervan. You may hear about insurance carriers that don’t issue policies for these campers. If someone in your network suggests not revealing that you have a self-build to avoid this issue, don’t listen.

Be upfront about your campervan and your situation. If you play by the rules when and need to submit an insurance claim, you’ll receive much better service.

What Should Your Campervan Insurance Cover?

Don’t be fooled into thinking all you need is a standard automobile policy! Auto policies only insure your campervan, not your belongings or the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into your self-built camper.

Instead, shop for a specialized insurance policy tailored to campervans and the various ways you plan to use yours. At the minimum, the best campervan policies include:

Typically you want an RV insurance policy that includes the following coverage at a minimum:

Give strong consideration to including breakdown coverage in your policy. Even though it’s usually an extra charge, it’s worth it for that one time your campervan strands you in the middle of nowhere!

Beyond this post, all your campervan insurance companies in the UK provide a comprehensive campervan insurance guide to help you select the components of your policy.

Ready to See the World?

After reading today’s post, are you as excited as we are to camp? There’s a whole new world to explore, and with the proper campervan insurance policy, you can invest your time in seeing the sights rather than wondering if you have enough coverage.

If you’ve enjoyed learning about insurance for campervans, you’ll likely love the other articles on our blog. So hang out with us for a while and read more posts like this one.

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