A Homeowner’s Guide To Home Cleaning Before The Holiday Season

You probably have a lot on your plate now that the holidays are here, from planning dinners and buying presents to cleaning your home. When it comes to house cleaning, this is where the hard work lies. You must ensure all the accessible areas are clean to paint a good picture of your home. If you’re planning to clean your home but don’t know where to start, continue reading to learn how to proceed.

Have The Cleaning Supplies Ready

Before anything else, you should have the cleaning supplies you need at your disposal. Before the cleaning for the holidays begins, shop for every supply you need to avoid the last-minute rush. This way, when you want to begin the cleaning, you won’t be running up and down looking for supplies from one shop to another.

Go Around Your Home With A Notepad

Let’s face it. The holiday season is a busy one. You need time to do shopping, plan things to be done, and make your home as clean as possible. When put all together, it can be a lot of work, especially if you have a large home and family.

At this point, it’s vital to try and minimize your activities. For example, you can decide to hire a rug wash specialist instead of doing the work yourself. if you know your guest won’t access some areas in your home, bypassing them and concentrating on high-traffic areas is advisable. 

Nevertheless, this should only be applied in larger homes requiring several hours to clean. Then, you should tour your home with a notepad, highlighting areas that require your attention, those that don’t, and things you need to give away, sell, or donate.

Declutter Your Home

Cleaning your floors, walls, and windows will be no use if the entire space is cluttered. A cluttered home equals an untidy home. As stated in the previous point, it’s essential to go through your things to determine things you no longer use. 

If you have unwanted things that are functional, consider donating or giving them away. As for those that are no longer usable, dispose of them accordingly to avoid making a mess out of the environment. If you don’t know how to dispose of things like electrical waste, consider hiring a rubbish removal company to do it correctly.

Vacuum The Entire Space

Now that you know the areas that require immediate attention and have decluttered your home, it’s time to start the cleaning procedure. A vacuum cleaner should be your closest companion since it’s excellent for dealing with dust. Vacuum every corner of your home to eliminate all the dust and clean the surfaces.

Clean The Windows

Your windows play a significant role in determining whether your home is clean. Use a glass cleaner to make the windows spotless. While cleaning windows might be among the most challenging activities, you’ll notice a huge difference from when they were dirty.

Clean The Entryway

You want to spend your holiday in a place that characterizes cleanliness in every way possible. You also want to welcome your visitors with a tidy entryway. In that case, you must be ready to do the hard work since cleaning entryways isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Begin by cleaning the pathways and making them appealing. Then, ensure the door is clean and consider changing the entry mats. You should also replace the off-season decorations to avoid painting an outdated picture of your home.

Clear The Fridge

When the holidays are over, you’re more likely to have lots of leftovers from all the dishes you prepared. Therefore, you need to create enough space beforehand to store the food. Before the holidays, ensure to clear your fridge as much as possible. This way, you won’t lack space to store the delicious leftovers.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Consider hiring professionals if you’re looking forward to a clean house without lifting your hands. They have the right tools and knowledge to handle different surfaces. 

Since they’re experienced in cleaning procedures, they complete the task within a short period. Besides ensuring there’s no room for dirt in your home, professional cleaners save you time, which could be used on other critical holiday-related activities such as shopping.


A great home is a clean one. Since the holiday season is when you get visited a lot by family and friends, you want your home to be pristine and presentable during that time. The above-discussed tips will help you follow an organized and complete cleaning process. If you have other things to attend to, however, it’s advisable to hire professionals to do what they do best. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to handle any cleaning procedure.

Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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