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If you’re interested in subscribing for a dating membership and spending a small monthly cost for unlimited access to hot singles, Adult Friend Finder is probably one of the only sites out there that can get you laid with a guarantee. Online dating is hard enough, but sites just for sex and hooking up are almost impossible to trust.

Adult Friend Finder is one of the few rare sites that are genuine, reliable, and have the ability to work. Our review looks closer at what makes the site so great and why they have gotten the stamp of approval from multiple sources across the internet, including ours!

What Is AdultFriendFinder?

This website isn’t a casual chatting site or even a dating site. Instead, this website is dedicated to simple, hot and dirty sex with no strings attached (unless you want that later on). The sole purpose of signing up here is to find a friend for the bedroom, and surprisingly enough, it really does follow through!

Like any online hook-up site, you’re going to see a few fake profiles, a big push to subscribe, and some weird things, but what is different with this website is the fact it really does work. It’s gotten positive reviews all around the board and has amazing results. This could be because it’s an old, established site and one of the first sites of it’s kind to ever go live, so the member base is very dedicated.

How To Use AdultFriendFinder

With over 50,000,000 members, the site may seem confusing at first. You’ll have to pay for membership after making your account to really be able to access many of the features. This is a little annoying, but with a site that has such a positive success rate for getting laid, we get it.

Accounts can be personalized if you want, which is recommended, but once you give an email, you’re in. You can choose to do a little matching questionnaire called the “purity test”, which basically lets the site get to know your fetishes and kinks better, or start viewing profiles immediately.

Next, simply pay for your membership, browse your locals, and send a message! You’re on your way to hot, crazy sex with a total stranger.

The AdultFriendFinder Members

The most important part of any dating site, sexually driven like Adult Friend Finder or not, is the members. With several thousand active at a time, you’re bound to find someone to fuck, even if only virtually. The live webcam feature is utilized a lot, too, so distance doesn’t even matter if you’re down for some kinky time on the screen.

From our experience, there are more men than women, but the site is 100% LGBT friendly and active. The girls there aren’t so rare that you’ll struggle to find them, and it’s a better ratio than most hookup sites.

Every member is active since points are awarded for certain activities done, like uploading videos, pictures, and statuses. To view complete profiles, you’ll need a paid membership, but you can see the basics even as a free member.

Pricing & Membership Details

Adult Friend Finder has a lot of the same features other mainstream dating sites do but modified to fit the sex aspect of the site. You’re here for some pussy, not a wedding ring.

The best features and benefits that this website offers include:

  • Tons of visual, free content just by looking at your news feed of potential matches
  • Preference setting that is pretty advanced
  • Message filters to star important messages or mark others as reading
  • Fun, flirty “Hot or Not” game to play
  • Watch live webcam shows (sort of like Facebook Live but extremely erotic)
  • Lots of kink-specific groups to join and chatrooms to enter
  • NO hidden fees!

Many of these options are available for free members but in limited quantities. Paying for a membership gets you more access and unlimited abilities to do whatever you want on this no strings dating site whenever you choose.

You get a lot for your buck because that only begins to cover everything you get with a membership to Adult Friend Finder.

Now let’s look at the pricing.

  • Renew monthly for $29.95
  • Renew every 3 Months for $59.80
  • Renew yearly for $179.40

If you choose the yearly plan, that’s less than $15 a month, which is just about as expensive as a streaming site membership. What a way to heighten your “Netflix and chill” dates, huh?

Ready To Join The Best Place For Fucking?

If you’re skeptical about a hookup site being real, AdultFriendFinder will change your mind for sure. The whole site is designed to not only match you with horny individuals you’ll adore, but to offer you a community to explore, meet new people, and learn more about your sexual interests.

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