7 Amazing Places to See and Things to Do in El Salvador

While El Salvador may be the smallest country in Central America, all of the fantastic things to see and do make it a hotspot for many travelers, El Salvador’s landscape is ideal for travelers, with mountain ranges, multiple volcanoes, and many colonial towns that showcase a rich and exciting history.

If you are planning to travel to this tiny country, here are seven things to do in El Salvador.

1. Climb El Pital

If you’re wondering what to do in El Salvador, consider climbing El Pital, the highest mountain in the country. It’s a relatively easy climb, and at the top, you’ll find stunning views of most of the country and plenty of quaint villages to explore.

2. Visit Joya De Cerén

One of the more popular El Salvador activities is visiting Joya de Cerén, an ancient Mayan village that completely persevered in volcanic ash. Walk the town for a fantastic look into how the Mayans lived in ancient times.

3. Explore Suchitoto

On the list of El Salvador places to visit is Suchitoto, a quaint colonial town with a rich history and culture. Visit the museums and art galleries, explore the waterfalls and caves, and take in the beauty of this laid-back Spanish-style town.

4. Swim In Lake Ilopango

Learning about El Salvador uncovers some interesting facts, such as El Salvador is home to 20 volcanoes. You can visit one of these volcanoes by swimming, fishing, diving, and boating in Lake Ilopango, a natural lake nestled into the crater of an extinct volcano. You can also shop and enjoy delicious food in the town of Ilopango.

5. Release Sea Turtles At Barra De Santiago

Why not take a break from shopping and eating to release sea turtles at Barra de Santiago? Between August and November, giant sea turtles lay their eggs on the shores of Barra de Santiago. Volunteers then collect the eggs and bury them in the turtle hatchery so they can survive.

You can participate in this heart-warming activity and create a memory you’ll never forget.

6. Explore San Salvador

One of the best tourist places in El Salvador is the capital city of San Salvador. This bustling city is the country’s cultural, economic, and political sub. As you tour the city, you will see a fascinating mix of colonial and modern architecture, historic landmarks, as well as enjoy delicious food, shopping, and many recreational activities.

7. Enjoy The View At The Summit Of Conchagua

One of the most beautiful places in El Salvador is at the top of the Conchahua trail. Follow the vine-bordered trail up the Conchahua volcano for panoramic views of the entire country and the Gulf of Fonseca. As a bonus, you’ll see and hear many colorful birds native to the area.

There Are Many Fun And Interesting Things To Do In El Salvador

When visiting this country, you’ll find many interesting things to do in El Salvador. Plan to take in some of these sites for an unforgettable trip.

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