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There are many offers nowadays to acquire credit cards. In fact, you can choose between rewards cards, guaranteed, with low annual interest, among others. To choose the correct one, you must be clear about what you intend to achieve by opting for these financial products’ issuer.

However, the biggest advantage of a credit card, regardless of the type you choose, is the possibility of enjoying a product or service, even if you do not have the financial resources to do so, that includes the possibility of enjoying paying travel to destinations that you have always wanted to visit and pay for the expenses during your stay.

American Express, also known as Amex, was founded in 1859 that was initially dedicated to transporting cargo and securities in railways. Still, in 1958 they launched their first credit card, with great acceptance.

Today, Amex is still one of the main credit card issuers globally, and we dedicated this article to describe all that you should know about their service.

What You Should Know

This financial company currently offers 18 different credit cards, each designed to meet customers’ needs with specific tastes, spending habits, and paying capacities.

When you enter their website, you have easy access to the card section, where you will know each one’s advantages.

Besides, as the owner of a company, you can choose to acquire corporate cards for your dependents.

You can also create your own user directly on the American Express website to manage your payments or other arrangements. Nowadays, this financial giant has more than 1700 offices in more than 130 countries around the world. For this reason, it is one of the best options to pay for your expenses abroad.

They have recently adjusted their welcome bonus policies, so you may no longer be eligible to regain the bonus if you have had any of these products before.

However, all must be eligible for bonuses and discounts through this company’s offers, although the merchants and the exact offers you will receive will vary according to the selected card.

Main Characteristics

We can classify these cards under the category of rewards, which translates into the issuer’s benefits to use the card.

For example, you can earn $ 200 in reimbursement with the Cash Magnet card, but only after spending $ 1000 on purchases with your new Card in the first 3 months. Also, you will receive $ 200 in the form of a credit statement.

Being the case that they are present in most countries of the world, besides being among the 100 largest companies in the world according to Fortune magazine, you can use your card like any other credit card in the world, a precious advantage, since cash is not always easy to obtain abroad.

Unfortunately, you cannot apply for this card from the official American Express website, so you should not fill out an online form with your personal information, as if it happens in other cases.

To obtain one of its products, you must go to an associated bank or directly to an Amex entity.

The Products

Although there is a great variety of cards issued by them, we can specifically mention the most outstanding ones:

American Express Platinum:

  • Earn 60,000 points after spending $ 5,000 during the first three months of opening your account.
  • The annual credits granted for unforeseen changes in the airlines and Uber’s trips reduce the annual charge’s real value to $ 150. Besides, the profit rates for tickets booked directly with an airline make it an ideal card for air tickets purchases, especially with access to VIP lounges.
  • The AMEX Platinum card also gives you status with two hotel programs: Hilton and Marriott. Annual fee of $ 550.

Amex EveryDay Preferred by American Express:

  • Achieve 25,000 points after spending $ 1000 during the first three months of opening your account.
  • This card allows you to participate in the Membership Rewards program without suffering from a high annual fee.
  • It is also ideal if you infrequently travel. However, you do not get the significant advantages of Amex Platinum or Amex Gold. Even so, you have some solid category bonuses for daily spending.
  • If you use it as your main card, you should make sure you meet at least 30 transactions a month to get the 50% bonus annual fee of $ 95.

Gold Delta SkyMiles from American Express:

  • 60000 bonus miles for spending $ 2000 on purchases with this card in the first 3 months.
  • An excellent option for users of Delta centers.
  • With free checked baggage, you will save $ 50 on a round trip flight. Even though Delta has significantly devalued its program in recent years, there are still some solid swaps using SkyMiles.
  • In addition to receiving bonus and flight benefits, these cards also provide the opportunity to earn Medallion Qualification Miles and provide other benefits with an annual fee of $ 95.


Understanding the delicate balance between a responsible borrower and one that begins to drown in debt, American Express has dedicated a section of its website to educate its users financially and all those who wish to consult practical advice from professionals for free.

As suggested by this issuer, credit cards are financial tools that should be used with caution. Thanks to its correct use, you can improve your credit score, as indicated in their article about protecting and upraising the credit score.

Likewise, the article “Know the importance of paying on time” explains the effect of late payments, such as raising the annual interest rate.

Your Values

According to them, they affirm, they promote from their beginnings values that guide their steps, and the certain thing is that we can verify in their products that they are oriented towards the client’s satisfaction. Among its declared values, we read:


Its commitment drives Amex to offer exceptional products, services, and experiences to their clients. They claim to value strong relationships with customers and be defined by how well they care for them.


Amex’s goal is to make a difference in the communities where they work and live. They claim to be committed to corporate social responsibility having an impact by strengthening their connections.


Amex claims to be a diverse and inclusive company and serves various clients.

They believe that they can be a better company when each one of their members feels included, valued, and capable of trusting colleagues who respect them completely for what they are and what they contribute to collective success.

Ever improving

They understand that they are determined to provide their clients’ best experience as a credit card issuer. To achieve this, they keep working in strategic alliances and reach as many places as possible.

Membership Rewards Program

American Express has developed a strong loyalty program available for most of the cards issued worldwide known.

The membership Rewards allow you to obtain treats by accumulating 1 point for each US dollar, which you liquidate with the American Express cards participating in the program.

However, products of the Gold, Platinum, and Centurion levels even include the cost of the rewards program in their pre-established annual quotas.

Usually, accumulated points are exchanged for rewards, such as:

  • Free nights in hotels
  • Miles for frequent flier programs
  • Car rentals, dinners in restaurants
  • Shows and entertainment
  • Discounts in stores
  • White goods
  • Catalog rewards and a subscription to magazines

All of which will be directly subject to the product you own.

Other Features

In addition to all the benefits, you can obtain as an individual when selecting one of your products, your business and your workers can also enjoy certain advantages.

What you must do is enter the site and select the business drop-down menu. There you will find offers for small businesses, corporations, merchants, and even global networks.

Also, through this website, you can make reservations for luxury hotels and resorts or book flights. You can even choose your currency exchange service, operating with more than 80 currencies in more than 100 countries.

You can use this platform to send payments and receive them, although this means that you must agree with the rate applied by American Express.


American Express is a well-established organization dedicated to the issuance of credit cards, among other financial products.

They offer their clients an attractive rewards system, but whose main rewards are offered under consumption terms that may be too demanding for some.

With around 18 cards to offer to the general public at the moment, the range of options includes important people in business and celebrities, and ordinary people with good financial health.

It would help if you only spent some time examining their products to determine which of them suits your current financial circumstances. So, stop wasting time, apply now, and get one of the credit cards with more benefits from the worldwide offer.

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