7 Live Streaming Apps Like Veetle TV

Veetle TV

Live streaming is viral online and with mobile devices. This social concept covers a wide variety of media. For example, live streaming is used to chat online, broadcast events, show others how to play video games, have group meetings, and more. There are many free apps that you can use to stream online, and there are paid apps and websites that will give you extra features. So, depending on what you need, there’s a live streaming option for everyone. Veetle TV was one of the best live tv streaming apps for Android and iPhone.

This live tv app was free to use, and no uploads were required to broadcast. To use Veetle, you had to download the app and create a free profile.

Once your profile was created, you could instantly watch videos of others online and create your live broadcasts. In addition, you could post your videos on numerous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and text and email your friends during your streams.

What Happened to Veetle?

No one knows exactly what happened to Veetle, but they probably encountered legal issues like many other streaming sites before them. With this live tv app, you could search for other videos using keywords or searching for someone’s username. As we said, Veetle was one of the best live streaming sites, but there are more. Below you will find our recommendations for live streaming apps. Check them all out to find the one that works best for you.

Facebook Live

Veetle TV

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Facebook is something you probably already use. Billions of people around the world already have a Facebook account. This social media site can be used to share pictures, share thoughts, discuss politics, laugh about funny cat videos, and more.

Did you know that Facebook also offers a great live streaming app? Use your messenger account to start a video message with anyone in your contacts instantly. It’s that simple. Facebook video chat is free, even with your friends on the other side.


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This addition to our list of alternatives to Veetle TV was created so people could stream life as it happens. There are no limitations to what you can do with Stream. So stream live, get social and share your world with this app, available for Android and iPhone.

Stream is a tv channel for your life, making this one of the best free tv show apps. They let you broadcast your live videos or view other people’s videos. This app has everything from street soccer in Madrid to band practices in Germany. Have fun discovering people worldwide, and show off what you do daily with Stream.

VK Live

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Another free streaming site similar to Veetle and available on both Android and iOS is VK Live. VK Live lets you tell the world about yourself and more. Teens especially appreciate this free personal tv channel app. VK Live is a social app for people who want to become more popular.

This free app lets you share your emotions and favorite activities, show off the things around you, interact with the world, and make new friends. You can even send gifts and adds stickers, borders, and backgrounds to your live streams in this app. VK Live is a ton of fun.


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This live tv app found among apps like Veetle is LiveStream. You can use this app on Android or iPhone. LiveStream lets you search for others, explore several categories, and stream all your crazy and emotional videos for free. With this app, you can share your videos with one click on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or any other website.

LiveStream can also be displayed on your Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast.  LiveStream is very similar to YouTube and should be checked out if you want to discover a new kind of live streaming app.


Veetle TV

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This video chat streaming app, YouNow, is free to use on the web, Android, or iOS mobile devices. YouNow is a live broadcasting site used both by teens and adults? This live tv app lets you send gifts, take selfies, see guests on other screens, and more.

YouNow is a great way to create moments and have a great time. YouNow has a ton of celebrities too. You can find your favorite personalities, musicians, artists, creators, and more on this free app. However, anyone under 13 isn’t allowed on this site. If teens look too young in their videos, they will be banned.


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Most other websites like Veetle on our list are for two people. However, houseParty lets you bring more into the video stream. This free app for Android and iOS is simple for people who want to have face-to-face fun, even when they’re far apart.

This app lets you join up to 5 other live streams as you chat. Another thing you can do with HouseParty locks the room with 2 or 3 people. This app gives you many possibilities for living video chatting, and you will see funny facts related to keywords in your conversation as you talk. These facts will surprise you, guaranteed.


Veetle TV

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Another site found among the top video-sharing sites like Veetle TV is Dailymotion. They will offer you many high-quality videos of all kinds. So whether you want to listen to videos for plumbing tips or to see the highlights of your favorite sports team, Dailymotion is one of the top sites to share videos online.

You will find the videos you want to watch and more on this site. Dailymotion can be viewed on your browser, or you can download the app to your Android or iPhone to watch thousands of videos wherever you go. More than 300 million users have fun discovering content from around the world, so visit it and enjoy the best videos for free.