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With the arrival of cryptocurrencies in people’s daily lives, different services have emerged to facilitate their use. These mainly seek to give you a rewarding experience that conveys security when using cryptos. This is the mission of Arculus, a virtual wallet designed to provide secure storage for your crypto assets.

It has many functions and is a relatively simple-to-use system in Web3. In addition, they claim to offer you the highest security on the market with their password system coupled with a physical card. Thus, they manage to condense all the functions of an advanced and secure cold wallet into a solid pocket card.

With so many features to analyze, we decided to bring you a detailed guide to Arculus. Read our review and learn all the most relevant aspects of its use, costs, and capabilities.

What is Arculus?

As we told you, it is a system for storing crypto-assets. It is intended to store and protect both cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

This system is designed by CompoSecure, a company with more than 20 years in the area of cybersecurity. They have been dedicated to designing various innovative, secure, and capable methods to solve the payment network in all parts of the world.

Arculus is a digital system, but it is coupled with a physical card designed by CompoSecure. By acquiring this service, you will have a secure card with all the digital assets you want to include in it. Thus, Arculus serves as a solution for executing payments in multiple locations.

The physical system may seem dubious, but this is far from the truth. This method has an incredible security protocol capable of retaining your private keys on the card. At the same time, the keys are protected by an encryption system that makes it impossible to extract them.

The main aspect of this service is the absence of an online system. You will not insert your passwords or personal data in your cloud storage or mobile device. All this information is retained exclusively on the Arculus card.

Moreover, unlike other cold wallets, this one does not need to be loaded at any time. You can use it without limits as if it were a debit card. This, together with its small size, increases the simplicity of its use. You only need to keep it in your wallet to be able to go out with it.

How does Arculus work?

It may seem a bit complex to understand, but it is not. When you purchase the service, you will have your Arculus card. At this point, you should proceed to download the Arculus application. This is available both in the official iOS and Android stores.

Once you complete this step, you must start with the digital wallet establishment protocol. To do this, you must position the card in a certain way on your mobile device. You must place it under one or another position, depending on the device.

Now, you only need to create your security pattern in Arculus. You can create a secure 6-digit PIN and enter a biometric method. After that, you will choose your security phrase composed of 12 words. This way, you will have a physical verification protocol with your Arculus card and a digital one through the PIN and the security phrase.

Within Arculus, you can choose one of its crypto alternatives as the main currency. Thus, you can transfer your assets from your portfolio to your new Arculus account. You can even buy currencies directly on the platform, allowing you to have all the functions in a single system.

There are currently over 45 different cryptocurrencies to store and protect on the platform. However, not all of these are available within the Arculus purchase system. Only 14 of these 45 options are listed for purchase. This does not happen with the cryptocurrency delivery system, where you will have the totality of Arculus cryptocurrencies at your disposal.

Business Functionality

Particularly, one of the most interesting functions of the Arculus product is its dedication to the business. This service provides security to any financial institution, NFT marketplace, or gaming platform. They couple a digital asset purchase system with the security that any user desires.

In addition to this, their system greatly facilitates the transaction protocol. The time to make payment is reduced considerably. They even brought a FIDO2 authentication process capable of reducing fraud and hacks.

How much does Arculus cost?

To acquire this service, you must make a mandatory payment. At this moment, the Arculus card costs $99.00 per unit. There is no discount for bulk purchases. This cost does not include TAX, so you must pay $108.90.

On the other hand, your purchase is only allowed in the United States. This does not mean you cannot use it outside the United States. Only its purchase is limited. If you purchase the service, you have free shipping using the FedEx system.

They also have a promotional code system in case you have one. To enter it, you will have to proceed with the payment protocol. Once you start it, you will find a field to enter the promotional code.

Promotion for military

If you are part of the U.S. military, you can enjoy a 25% discount on your Arculus purchase. To do this, you must go to the section of this promotion and follow the steps requested. Confirming your identity as a military member in the Arculus extension is necessary. Once you complete this simple procedure, your discount will be available within the Arculus platform.

Please note that you can only use this code once. It is also not possible to transfer the codes. If you transfer the code, your access to the promotions platform may be restricted.

Payment methods

You can only make your purchase through credit cards or PayPal. You will have VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express among your credit options. The platform will instantly display a window if you select PayPal as your payment method. You will enter your PayPal account information to proceed with the service payment.

Make sure you choose a payment method you have full access to. This will be crucial in case you wish to return the product.

Return Conditions 

If you are unsatisfied with the purchased item, you can apply the Arculus return policy. This will only be valid if your purchase is made within 15 days. If you request a return after this time, you cannot enjoy this feature.

The card must be in the same condition as it was received. You will not receive any card mistreated by the user, so try to take care of the product’s condition at all costs.

The full refund will be made using the same payment method you used during the purchase process. You can apply this operation by communicating your situation to the Arculus customer service team. They will not oppose your position or ask for any particular reason for the refund.

Is it safe to use Arculus? 

It is a safe service. We can affirm this both for the security of its product and the seriousness at the moment of purchasing the service. At no time during the purchase process will you feel insecure?

On the other hand, there is no reason to doubt the protection given to your cryptocurrencies. Your digital assets are secure and encrypted when using Arculus. Thus, it becomes an ideal way always to secure your cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

By using Arculus, you are your assets’ true owner and protector. No intermediaries can get hold of your keys or directly the amounts you manage. You are the only holder of all this information and the necessary tools to keep it isolated and protected. You will be in a secure environment even when you misplace your physical card. In this case, Arculus cannot access your assets because they do not have your PIN. If they also have this information, they won’t be able to enter either due to the lack of your biometric system. It is an extremely solid and impenetrable security system.

They also do not collect data that could put you in a compromising position. Any information that the company collects is disclosed in its terms and conditions.

In the same way, the platform transmits all the security you may require. There are no complaints made by its users that could make this company unreliable.


  • Security system with three alternatives
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  • Small-size cold wallet
  • Does not store your passwords or personal data
  • No loading required


  • High cost
  • There are few options to buy cryptocurrencies

Complaints and opinions

Generally speaking, all their customers are perfectly satisfied with Arculus’ products. They emphasize that it is an extremely simple-to-use platform for buying and storing cryptocurrencies. The system for transferring assets and connecting the card with your mobile device is incredibly fast and simple.

However, there is one negative aspect of the complaints of its users. This is the reduced number of coins available in the Arculus card listing. There are NOT as many as those that can be found on other platforms, so you will necessarily have to use another purchasing system. In the same way, they indicate that it is not possible to sell coins directly from the Arculus wallet. This is one of the most interesting options for cryptocurrency users. It is a uniquely designed cold wallet you will hardly find in the market. In addition to that, not having to load it constantly and its small size greatly increases its list of exclusive positive aspects.

However, it has a reduced number of coins in its list. This is an extremely negative aspect, especially for those users who are used to constantly mobilizing their assets. Therefore, it may not represent the unique solution promised by the company.

In addition, we should point out that it presents a somewhat high cost. While acquiring a cold wallet with these qualities might not be cheap, considering the lack of certain currencies makes us doubt its price.

Despite this, we cannot deny that it is one of the most interesting options on the market. For this reason, we recommend you analyze the positive and negative aspects of Arculus to decide on your possible acquisition.

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