Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds: Are They Good For Your Garden?

The autoflowering or automatic seeds have been on the lips of all cannabis fans. In fact, in Coffeeshop Barcelona you can find variants of this type. Its diffusion is due to the ease of growth and little care required. Here we will learn a little more about their characteristics and advantages over other types.

These are the preferred variants of those who live in apartments, as they do not need much light or heat to grow abundantly. It is even the option for the most careless with plants, as it only requires a minimum of attention.

These seeds are great for you if you want to keep your strains but are not too good at gardening. So, let’s talk a bit more about them:

Why are they self-flowering?

They are called autoflowering because they flower automatically, without depending on the photoperiod process. This is because they contain ruderalis genetics, coming from countries with arid and very hot climates.

The autoflowering marijuana seeds have the particularity to grow quickly without the need to be exposed to a light source and shade. The growth of the first buds can be seen between the third and fifth weeks. It should be noted that this will happen according to the age of the plant.

How do they differ?

The plants resulting from autoflowering marijuana seeds are true miracles. Due to its genetics, developed in very high temperatures, the plant grows quickly without needing light, shade, or daily water. Therefore, it is the best alternative for those who want their marijuana garden but do not have the time. It will not require much attention and will still provide you with beautiful flowers in a short time.

Among other differences concerning the other variants, automatic seeds have a life cycle of 60 to 90 days. This can progress quickly if there is a good exposure to light. As we have already mentioned, it does not matter if it is exposed to a strong light source. Its genetics allows it to withstand any light.

Why plant autoflowering seeds?

  • They are resistant to any temperature. In addition, to withstand very hot climates and low humidity, they can also grow in very low temperatures.
  • The complete life cycle takes only 60 to 90 days, much faster than feminized seeds.
  • You won’t need much knowledge about cultivation, as it requires little care and attention. No matter how much light it is exposed to, it will grow from the month of growth without you being so vigilant.
  • You can plant it with discretion. Since it has such a short life cycle, it does not reach a great height. It is ideal to keep it in a pot inside your house or apartment.

Tips for a perfect harvest

Although autoflowering seeds do not require much knowledge, attention, and care, this does not mean that you should just show it and leave it there for the next 3 months without even looking at it or taking care of it. On the contrary, if it is neglected, we will not be able to take advantage of its aromas and flavors.

To ensure that the plant retains its flowers and buds, you can take certain measures to help you get a lush and beautiful cannabis plant.

  • Sow during the longest months. In practice, you can sow in your pot or garden at any time of the year since it develops in any season. However, it is preferable to opt for the longer months and, thus, plant them in the outdoor garden. In this way, you will obtain a plant with great foliage. You can plant them in summer, from June to August (Northern hemisphere), and from December to February (Southern hemisphere).
  • Provide them with a light source for 18 hours a day. Although they can grow abundantly without a strong light source, if you have your seedlings indoors, it is advisable to provide them with some heat for at least 18 hours a day. When automatic seeds get more light, they grow faster and more effectively.
  • Do not prune or transplant them. Remember that the life cycle is only 60 to 90 days, and subjecting them to pruning or transplanting will only cause stress and hinder the plant’s growth. If the plant is stressed, it will have a hard time returning to normal.

To Conclude

Growing your hatch is not as easy as it sounds. Despite being a weed, most cannabis plants are delicate and require thoroughly caring. Nevertheless, autoflowering marijuana seeds are a good alternative for you if you are a beginner in the gardening activity as they require somehow less attention and produce similar results.

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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