6 Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

Your son or nephew’s birthday is coming up. You knew it was, but you thought you had plenty of time to purchase a gift until it silently crept up on you!

Now you only have a few days to get him an awesome present, and you’re panicking. What do kids like nowadays anyway? And how can you get a quick gift that’s also excellent for the birthday boy?

Here are six awesome birthday gift ideas for boys so you can grab a fantastic present or two!

1. Fortnite Battle Pass

Chances are, the birthday boy in your life plays Fortnite. This game has around 250 million players in total, and 53% of them are aged 10 to 25! So it’s very likely that the birthday child loves playing this video game and will appreciate a battle pass.

You can give him a preloaded gift card, so if he already has a battle pass, he can buy the cool skin emotes he wants.

2. Board Games

Yes, kids love to play video games a lot nowadays, but the fact is, old-school board games are making a comeback too!

For example, games like Settlers of Catan, Blokus, and Monopoly are huge hits for children. Gift the birthday boy a few of them, so he has a wide range of choices when he invites his friends over to play.

3. Nintendo Switch

If you want to splurge on a present, then the Nintendo Switch is it! Nintendo has a long-standing reputation for bringing out family-friendly games. And with their latest hit, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the birthday boy is sure to get hours and hours of entertainment from games like this!

4. Smart Watch

You’ve probably seen plenty of adults walking around with smartwatches, but did you know they’re great for kids too? Giving your son a kids smart watch can be a good idea, as it’ll teach him responsibility for pieces of tech.

Not only that, but he’ll also get to keep track of his fitness levels. This can be highly motivating, as he wants to join in more physical activities!

5. New Sports Gear

Not every gift you give has to be techy. Perhaps the birthday boy is more into sports than video games. In that case, think about getting him new gear that’ll help him up to his game.

Get him a nice package of new tennis shoes, a baseball glove, a favorite athlete’s jersey, and other assorted gear. With your present, he’ll be able to perform his best!

6. E-Reader

It’s always a good idea to encourage children to read more. While they may not find much interest in traditional paperback books, the birthday boy might enjoy something electronic instead.

An e-reader is a great way to get kids to read more! You can preload the e-reader with some of your favorites, so he has something to read right away.

Use These Wonderful Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

Now you have quite a few birthday gift ideas for boys. Pick a few from this list, and you’re sure to please your birthday boy!

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Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

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