5 Awesome Packing Hacks for Moving Day

One of the defining features of contemporary life is mobility. In the UK alone, an average of 50,000 people pack up and move house every week. Moreover, those movers typically spend an average of £5,000 on all goods and services relating directly to their move.

Of course, if you are moving house, you are likely not planning on spending anywhere near as much. However, costs will quickly spiral out of control without meticulous planning and organization.

That’s why having the right packing hacks for moving to mind when you begin the process is so important. With these smart and simple moving hacks, you will be able to save yourself time, money, and stress during the entire process.

1. Travel Light

One of the most important packing hacks for moving that you need to take on board is that you should move with as little as possible. Unnecessary junk will cost you time and money.

Begin by gathering non-essential items and furniture you don’t need to take with you. Then, you can call charities such as the Salvation Army to arrange a free pickup of donations if needed.

Schedule a day to drop things off at your local recycling plant or rubbish dump. This process of trimming the fat should be the very first thing that you do.

2. Take Photos Before Packing

This might seem somewhat arduous, but taking photos before packing to move will save you a lot of time and stress further down the line.

As the house removals expert 1 Man 1, Van explains, taking photos before packing will help you in more ways than one.

For one, you will have a record of specific decorative setups you like. This means you can easily rearrange when you arrive at your new home.

In addition, you should take photos of wire setups, such as TV wires, so that you know where everything goes.

3. Schedule a Mid-Week, Mid-Month Moving Date

One of the classic money-saving moving tips and tricks is to schedule a moving date in the middle of the week, preferably in the middle of the month.

Weekends are the beginning, and the end of each money is the most popular day to move around the world. As such, removal services will charge steep premiums to deliver these days.

Substantial amounts can be saved by choosing a moving date outside the popular days. That means moving on a Wednesday in the middle of the month.

4. Take a Room-by-Room Approach

One of the worst moving mistakes you can make is treating your entire home as a single unit and packing randomly.

One of the most established moving hacks is to take a room-by-room approach. This means starting in one room and not moving on to the next one until that room has been 100 percent cleared, packed, and cleaned.

This will save you serious amounts of time and stress.

5. Leave No Space Unfilled

Finally, let’s look at how you should pack your moving boxes.

It is worth noting that many removal workers will refuse to handle a box that feels loosely packed or unbalanced.

To counter this and to pack more efficiently, take steps to ensure that every space in your boxes is filled. Fill gaps with clothes, towels, and cushions if necessary.

This will ensure tighter packing and more efficient use of space.

Learn More About Packing Hacks for Moving

Learning the right packing hacks for moving is just one part of the moving process. To learn more, consult our detailed Home & Garden section for more handy guides.

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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