Become a Pro: How to Get Good at Office Management

While The Office might be one of the most popular television series of all time, you’ll probably notice that the characters could benefit from some office management!

Working in an office can create an interesting dynamic between you, coworkers, and your space. But when you brush up on office management skills, the game changes.

That’s where these top 3 tips come into play. When you implement these three key steps into your workspace and work community, you’re bound to see a positive difference, so let’s get into them!

1. Communication

The first step and tip to good office management is communication. Inside and outside of the office, communication is an important element to improved and sustainable efficiency and productivity.

By practicing public speaking, you can strengthen your communication skills as an office manager. You’ll see that by writing out what you want to say or a plan for your meetings and practicing it a few times.

Another fun way to practice communication skills is to do some improv. Improv is a fun exercise because it can help you remain confident speaking on the fly.

You can practice as much as you want but still should be prepared for when something doesn’t go your way!

2. Innovation

The next tip to becoming great at office management is thinking innovatively. Don’t be intimidated by this step!

You don’t need to be a naturally creative person to be an innovative thinker. We are being innovative stretches further than the creative realm.

Innovation means being able to see other ways to solve a problem or modify a solution. You can strengthen your innovative thinking skills by reading more and taking in information from others you look up to.

Pick up a newspaper or look through some Ted Talks for inspiration!

3. Organization

Finally, one of the best things you can do to become an excellent office manager is to become more organized.

Organization comes in many forms, and the best way to strengthen your organizational skills is to implement them into your daily life. Start small, with things like your office space or your bedroom, and then you’ll find ways that these organizational skills become second nature in your professional work.

There are also plenty of tools that can help you stay organized and practice organization. One of the most efficient and helpful ways to stay organized – especially when booking meetings – is to use an app.

With an app, you’ll be able to have all your ducks in a row wherever your phone is!

Welcome, Office Management Expert!

Communication, innovation, and organization.

With these three office management tips, your skills will go from good to best. It is as easy as 1-2-3!

Remember that these skills will take a little time and practice to master fully, so don’t get discouraged and keep putting in the work. You and your office will be a lot better for it.

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Oscar Rojas
Oscar Rojas

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