Becoming a Savvy Shopper: The Ultimate List of Extreme Couponing Tips

Did you know there are several ways to save money on products you buy daily? If not, we’re here to blow your mind! There are ways that you can take couponing to another level. With these extreme couponing tips, you can save so much money on products you’re already going to buy.

You might be asking, “How do I get started?” Extreme couponing takes a bit of planning before heading to the store.

Keep reading for our guide on extreme couponing tips and discover how you can become a savvy shopper.

Always Check the Competitor

If you’re shopping for a specific item you want on sale, one of the best couponing tips is always to check the competitor’s price. Many stores will match their competitor’s prices because they want to make a sale. Be sure to look in their guidelines to see if they price match or ask an employee.

When you can find the item at a lower cost from somewhere else, buying it at a different location could be more convenient. You’ll find some stores that you wouldn’t expect to accept competitors’ coupons will, such as grocery stores or even craft stores like Michaels.

That means if you’re doing regular grocery shopping, spend some time beforehand checking for coupons. You might be able to save some money on the things that you need at home.

You should also know that you shouldn’t spend too much time looking for coupons. In the long run, you might be wasting more time looking for deals than saving money. Figure out how much time your time is worth when looking for coupons.

Download Store Apps

One of the best coupon clipping tips is downloading all the store apps you go to. Many stores a getting away from paper ads and migrating towards putting their coupons in the digital world.

When you download a store app, you may need to scroll through the coupons they offer and ‘clip’ the ones you want to use. Clipping coupons digitally means adding them to your digital wallet. You will have a barcode to scan at checkout to show which coupons you will use.

Store apps will sometimes also give you the ability to earn points when you shop at their store. Points could earn you free items or even convert them into money you can use to buy more things.

Downloading apps for the stores that you shop at is a great money-saving hack.

Don’t Forget About Rebates

Another of the best tips to start extreme couponing is to make sure you’re using rebates when making your purchases. Rebates are a way to get free money when buying products you’re already using. All you need to do is show proof that you’ve brought a product, then you’re on your way to free money.

You can find booklets from stores on items that offer rebates. All you need to do is ask a clerk if they have booklets available.

Another way to check for rebates is by looking for apps or sites online that offer them. You can download apps onto your phone and easily link the accounts you shop with. Doing it this way will help you instantly get money back on the items you’re already buying.

You can find some great name-brand items that offer rebates and start getting a few dollars back on these products.

The best part is that you can even combine coupons with products that offer rebates. You might even find that you’re getting the item for free with a coupon and rebate offer.

Look for the Freebies

Did you know that one of the best extreme couponing tips and tricks is to look for the free items that companies are giving away? That’s right! There are items that you can get without paying a single dime!

Sometimes these items can be big, while other times, they can be small. Regardless, they’re free items that you can use.

The best way to find free items is by going to sites that point you in the right direction. You can view more here and see tons of free items you can start getting right now.

Make sure you’re subscribed to the email list of all your favorite companies. Chances are they will let you know when they’re giving away any freebies so you can snag them right away.

Don’t Buy Every Deal You See

One of the best tips for becoming an extreme couponer is not to buy every single deal you see. You might see people with storage closets full of items, but is that necessary?

Don’t buy it because you think it’s a good deal. Instead, only buy when you need an item. You could find yourself drowning in expired products that you don’t need. Are you saving money or wasting it if you’re getting rid of products?

You might also think that you’ve found a good deal on something that isn’t even that great. Be sure to look at each coupon in the grand scheme of things to ensure that it is a good deal before buying the item.

If you’re limiting yourself to only buying items you need, you will have better luck finding good deals and saving money.

Extreme Couponing Tips You Need to Know

Learning these extreme couponing tips can completely change the way that you shop. You’ll find that you start saving money on the products you already want.

Starting couponing can help you out significantly in the long run when you’re buying anything. Many people have started the life of couponing and haven’t looked back since they began.

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