Best Archaeology Websites to Discover

Knowing the history of humanity is only the first step to understanding the current condition of our society. So this is why Good Sites Like decided to bring you the best archaeology websites to discover. Archaeology is the science dedicated to exploring, studying, and understanding the discoveries of what remains in the land of the people who inhabited it many years ago.

It is interesting to understand how it was possible that people, using ancestral technologies, managed to create buildings, cities, and monuments that still exist today, contrasting greatly with how we see and build the world around us.

But it is not always possible to visit these places in person, and even if you do, it’s a nice idea to get some knowledge about these historical places before you go.

Best Archaeology Websites

To skip this difficulty and enjoy these wonders, you can count on different websites designed to keep you up to date with the most recent news from the world of archaeology, as well as comments from experts in the field and very detailed photos; which will allow you to immerse yourself in those ancient worlds.

For this reason, we assembled a nice list of the best Archaeology Websites you can find!

World Archaeology

Archaeology Websites

Official Site

This is the website of the renowned journal Current World Archaeology, based in London. World Archeology is a globally accepted journal published six times a year, and the online content is the same as that you can find in the print edition.

It is dedicated to updating its readers, storing readers, subscribing to the archaeological world’s most important news, and maintaining different characteristics that make it distinctive. The sections are also reflected online, including trips to different destinations, each excavation’s main characteristics, and enjoying the visit.

Besides, there is a space for museums that exhibit archaeology pieces, with their interesting stories and even reviews of the most recently published books relating to archaeology. A unique feature is the World Heritage section, where they publish detailed articles on archaeological heritage and different views on the best known.

Note: You can subscribe to the print edition and receive it at your doorstep or view the content online, but you will not see the World Heritage section there.



Official Site

One of the best archaeology websites, Archaeology magazine, is based in the United States and has a comprehensive online site. Both forms of communication are intended to bring online readers and visitors closer to the human past with stories and knowledge worldwide. They don’t just transmit information. They attract and entertain you with animated, surprising narratives and detailed images.

And also run publications of general interest, including news of the latest archaeological discoveries, minute details, photographic essays, and field reports. Another feature is that they explore ancient cultures through monuments and works of art and villages, houses, and everyday objects from the period in question that give life to the past people.

Besides, you will also find interesting videos, news from the world of archaeology, suggestions and travel guides, podcasts, links to the printed magazine’s current issue, and other things of interest. Of course, if you wish, you can use this site to subscribe to the print magazine, but the content is pretty much the same.

Archaeological Institute of America

Archaeology Websites

Official Site

Founded in 1879, The American Institute of Archaeology (AIA) is North America’s oldest and largest nonprofit organization dedicated to archaeology. This Institute is dedicated to creating awareness and education on the topic as they promote fieldwork, conservation, publication, and research of archaeological sites and cultural heritage.

The information provided supports their content and activities in the work of expert archaeologists, who publish excellent articles, and conduct field activities, excursions, or guided tours, among other things. They also have more than 100 local societies in the United States, Canada, and Europe, which organize different audiences.

You can find out about upcoming events on the site, join local societies, register a user, and get professional information if you need help on a project, among many other things. Since this one is a non-profit organization, you can donate online to help fund its activity in promoting archaeology, and the blog’s subscription is overall free.

Popular Archaeology

Official Site

Popular Archaeology is an exclusively digital magazine dedicated to bringing discoveries, news, reports, viewpoints, and more out of the field to you in one simple language. They publish original content of high quality, prepared for demanding readers and the general public, who expect content similar to that of the main printed magazines but differently.

To achieve this, they rely on writers and collaborators who are pioneering professionals and the best experts in their particular fields, professional journalists, and even people who relate first-hand experiences. Given that many contributors produce the content, you’ll see more important articles in a single edition than in any other publication, digital or print.

As in the case of printed magazines, you can create a user and pay a $9 subscription to access the site’s full content. On the home page, you can access the latest articles, travel packages, and even a useful search engine to find information on specific topics of interest.

Science Daily

Archaeology Websites

Official Site

When you enter Science Daily, you’ll notice that it’s an online site that features breaking news on the latest discoveries in science, health, the environment, technology, and more, not just archaeology. This news is from proven sources such as leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizations, ensuring the content’s accuracy and credibility.

You have access to more than 500 individual topics in the top menu, including archaeology, and you can also follow them on social networks or subscribe to email alerts. In addition, you will find the most recent titles, the product of research and studies by the most important archaeologists, and specialized institutions about the topics covered.

If you are a professional in archaeology and wish to use this page to publish your articles, you can send them to the site’s editing department. They are responsible for selecting those they consider of greatest importance to their recurrent readers, so the findings are lovely for this online magazine.

BBC News Archaeology

BBC News Archaeology

Official Site

Known worldwide and exposed through various platforms, the BBC stands out for being impartial and independent, creating distinctive, world-class daily programs and content that inform, educate and entertain millions of people in the United Kingdom, the United States, and around the world. Speaking particularly of archaeology, they do not publish with the same frequency as other sites specializing in the field.

However, the quality of their content is characteristic of this important entertainment and news platform. Unlike other platforms, it is funded mainly through the license fee paid by UK households.

It should be mentioned that although their articles are written excellently and neatly, they focus on those discoveries, reports, studies, and so on located within the territory of the United Kingdom. To get info here, you can register a user, access all the online content on this platform, and benefit through a mobile device, receiving news and alerts.

Histories News Network

Archaeology Websites

Official Site

As with the previous site we exposed on this list, Histories News Network (HNN) is not a portal specializing in archaeology.

They publish articles related to the subject infrequently. However, this does not mean that the content is not high quality. On the contrary, the articles you will find on this digital news platform are excellent. In many cases, it allow you to purchase articles (especially books) through links that share amazing and more specialized content. Interestingly, they are open to receiving articles (but not committed to publishing them) from freelance writers as long as they meet their standards.

HNN encourages wide dissemination of information, allowing other publications to reprint their articles, but this does not apply if the author requests copyright protection. That’s why it’s possible that what you read here can be found on another website.

To help optimize your experience, you have a search engine to show you the portal’s matches. Besides, both sides of the page show you the current news of interest –Although you will have to surf for a while to find full archeological news.

At the End

As you may have understood from reading this article, it is no longer necessary to wait for documentaries or printed archaeology journals issues to keep up with the world’s most relevant facts and news. Many news platforms allow you to register a user or email to receive alerts and newsletters.

We especially recommend sites 1 through 4 on our list of archaeology websites. You want specialized material, particularly Popular archaeology, if you are not an expert but are interested in these topics. If you want something more than archaeology news, you should choose one of the suggestions at the end of the list and activate the alerts to the mail on your interest topics.

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