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Spending time doing something fun with family and friends is something we all love, and there are many ways to do it, but one of the ones we love the most is to enjoy cooking. More importantly, we prefer to do it outdoors and look for any excuse to turn on the grill on the weekend. Although we all like to enjoy a good BBQ, the truth is that experience is needed to make what we prepare deliciously and choose the most appropriate cooking implements.

Therefore, it is necessary that, in many cases, we go to a professional for help.

Because we don’t all have a professional BBQ friend, we’ve prepared a list of the best online sites to get guides and tips from the grill. Therefore, in this list, we recommend some BBQ websites to look for and get the information, guides, and gear you need to surprise everyone in the backyard.

Official Site

Launched in 2005, is a website that began as a hobby, like most of the most successful websites, but the great acceptance received among readers has made it one of the most respected sites in this medium.

We should mention that it looks like a social network since you can create your profile and share thoughts with other users or comment on what they post on the site. In addition, members of the site enjoy benefits such as:

They are also members of organizations such as the International Association of Kitchen Professionals, Kansas City Barbeque Society, and Operation BBQ Relief. This site is ideal for those new to this environment who want to develop these skills, get recipes, and do many other things.

Barbecue Bible by Steven Raichlen

Official Site

Backed by the renowned Steven Raichlen, a barbecue hall of fame since 2015, Barbecue Bible by Steven Raichlen is an online site dedicated especially to barbecue lovers. So if you’re a barbecue boy who’s been spending weekends in the backyard for years, this site is for you, although the way the content is developed allows anyone to learn about this “art.

While on the website listed above, you get links to products sold in professional online stores. Barbecue Bible by Steven Raichlen has its own online store where you can get products approved and recommended by them and special offers. Besides, you have the possibility to get some of the best grill books you can buy.

In the Techniques section, you can read tips on how to make the perfect grill you have in mind, from getting the iconic brands on the meat, controlling the heat, and even making a grilled pizza.


Official Site

FuriousGrill is a professional-looking website that is very well organized and aims to make your barbecues as easy as possible through its councils. The quality of its content is very high and easy to understand. Exploring it is simply due to its main sections accessible from almost any location on the site: recipes, tips, and tricks on smoking, grilling, and product reviews.

An interesting aspect is that you can share the article of your preference on your social network profiles. But here, you can also perform a specific search for a specific topic that you are searching for through the site’s search engine at the top. You will find the most outstanding articles from each section and the recently added articles on the home page.

We should mention that they do not mention the possibility of signing up for their newsletter or claim to publish any, nor do they have a printed or digital magazine. Therefore, to keep up to date with its content, you should visit the website constantly and explore it meticulously.

Girls at the Grill

Official Site

Created by Elizabeth Karmel, also known as Grill Girl, Girls at the Grill is the first grill website designed for women. This site tries to empower women in a world where grilling and barbecues have historically been exercised by men but shows that anyone can learn to cook outdoors with enough commitment, regardless of age.

For example, by entering the Grilling 101 section, you can learn how to buy a grill that suits your lifestyle, decide between gas and charcoal, and why Karmel believes gas grills are liberating. Then, once you have the grill in place, learn how to light the fire, the three essential ingredients, and choose the right cooking method.

According to Elizabeth, you can also read about the most recommended implements for girls and buy some of her books, among other things. On the downside, her website doesn’t offer you a newsletter, subscription methods, or magazines, so you’ll need to keep an eye on her online activity.

Love2 BBQ

Official Site

By entering this site, you will understand the British and especially the founder of this website, Phil Hoyle, about barbecue.

Love2 BBQ reflects the passion for cooking outdoors at any time of the year. Phil is convinced that cooking over an open fire and infusing food with smoke adds a different dimension. This website is divided into four main categories: articles, opinions, news, recipes, and events.

The latter is very useful if you’re considering traveling to the UK and are interested in knowing how they prepare their barbecues in person. Perhaps you can enrich your knowledge and surprise your friends when you return home. Here you can also learn about the barbecue’s healthy side, as they show that you can’t just cook meat on the grill.

While on the other side of the site, the useful resources section offers you courses, retailer recommendations, and even grilling magazines. Besides, a little bell anchored to the entire site allows you to subscribe to receive notifications from them.

How to BBQ Right

Official Site

Malcolm Reed and his wife, Rachelle Reed, are the creators of How to BBQ Right, a website that has been online since 2007. When you enter, the first thing you’ll see is all the recipes recommended and tested by Malcolm, which are not limited to one type of meat, or just meat, but go through the barbecue pork, beef, turkey, chicken, beef, and anything that can be cooked outdoors.

Besides, he also travels the country cooking at more than 20 barbecue championships and World Steak Cookoff each year as part of the barbecue team of Killer Hogs, of which he is a member.

All this cooking and experience allow him to bring you the best ideas you put into practice in your backyard. In addition, he emphasizes that they offer adequate recipes for each type of smoker, demonstrating that each design of these kitchen companions has its own particularities and teaches you, through these recipes, how to get the best out of them.

Besides, you can download the app to carry this info with you on GooglePlay or AppStore and subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated.

BBQ Pit Boys

Official Site

This is a very visual website. The main feature of BBQ Pit Boys is its content presented through high-quality videos. It ranks as one of the 300 best channels for YouTube advertising opportunities. Barbecue recipes and “How to barbecue and grill” videos have been viewed more than 390 million times worldwide by more than 3.6 million people on social networking platforms.

It is also an excellent partner if you are looking for ways to increase your item’s sales intended to be used for people’s grills and barbecues. Without a doubt, this is an online site that will help you to be a better cook, as the videos are elementary to understand and are dedicated to the general public.

To Conclude

After reviewing our list, you will be convinced that anyone can learn what it takes to be a good outdoor cook.

You’ve come across sites like Girls at the Grill to show that girls can do well. Also, understand how a good grill is perceived in the UK using Love2 BBQ. Also, eating one of our most emblematic dishes is five other options to learn the best American style of having fun with your friends and family.

What are you waiting for? Visit them and start grilling!

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