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HireWriters has hundreds of jobs in a ton of niches. The only requirements on this site are that you must be good at English and always write unique content. So first, create your free account and start choosing topics of interest. Then, create a name for yourself by writing quality content and getting accepted for better jobs as you prove your worth.

The articles on this site start at $1.50 for about 150 words, but the higher you are, the better you will be paid. Payments are made with PayPal, and you are paid once you reach a minimum threshold of $10.

Freelance Writers Needed

HireWriters is a nice site to start your writing career as a freelancer; on the other hand, it is also a great place to get content if you are on the other side of the table. Nevertheless, the site is now only available for US-based clients and writers who live outside the rest of the world.

Therefore, here is a list with a nice alternative for freelance writing sites like HireWriters.

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Official Site

When you think of a website to hire writers, you want to use the best freelance writing sites. With HireWriters, you can find quality writers guaranteed at reasonable prices. But other platforms like Fiverr also give you similar opportunities.

It has a fairly large base of freelancers for you. If you need them to have a skill, you can use the filter to improve your search. You must build a reputation as a freelancer to get the best offers.

When you hire a freelancer, you have to decide the level of quality you want. For example, for about 300 words, you could pay between $5 and more than $20.

In general, the site has a healthy community. The following list explains how the writers are rated:

  • A new lender means you are new to the site but don’t necessarily have little time to write.
  • Level One Provider: you have been on the site for about two months and have submitted ten projects that your clients have been satisfied with.
  • Lender level two: you have about four months on-site and have delivered 50 optimal projects within the time frame they reach this level.
  • Top Provider: has about six months on-site and delivered 100 excellent projects earning at least $20,000.


  • Easy to use.
  • Useful filter to find the right freelancer.
  • Prices according to the market.


  • As a freelancer, it’s hard to get jobs in the beginning.
  • The customer service team is not very efficient.
  • If you are a freelancer, you should know that Fiverr keeps 20% of your earnings.

This is an easy-to-use web platform with a system that allows you to hire the freelancer you need. But with new policies that are driving them away. So, the site is great for clients but not so much for freelancers, thus reducing the offer.


Official Site

TextBroker is a content writing factory founded in 2007 (one of the first). It’s a great website if you’re looking to hire someone to generate content for your site. Besides, It has a respectable writing community.

This site Communicates freelancers with potential clients. First, clients post job ads with the specifications they need. Then, you analyze the ad to see if it fits your skills.

Moving on, they rate writers with a system that ranges from 2 to 5 stars. You complete a test when registering the user that places you somewhere according to your ability. The price is related to this rating:

  • Two stars: 0.7 cents for each word.
  • Three stars: 1.0 cents for each word.
  • Four stars: 1.4 cents for each word.
  • Five stars: 5 cents for each word

This is one of the most reliable options available with a fairly large community regarding reliability. But the rates are below other similar sites. Also, as a freelancer, you are vulnerable to the most demanding customers.


  • With the trial rating, you can win projects from the start.
  • You can analyze the writer’s or client’s profile in detail.
  • Reputable writer’s community.


  • Low rates.
  • Low client pool.

This site works like an online community specialized in written content development with a lot of experience. In the end, Ideal for quality freelancers with little experience but won’t give you good money in the long run.

As for clients, things change, the content is reviewed to be always the best, and the prices are quite low (So, just like before, great for clients and not so much for the writers).


Official Site

This online work center allows clients and writers to contact each other to develop written content. This alternative allows writers to rate and leave customer comments. The site rates writers based on the results of the projects they can win.

As a freelancer, you will have a great challenge trying to win your first project. But the effort is worth it. The rates are quite competitive for freelancers compared to other platforms. If you are a customer, these guarantee a good job.

  • Standard: $4.5/1000 words.
  • Premium: $11.5/1000 words.
  • Elite: $20.25/1000 words.
  • Premium Plus: $72/1000 words.

As the number of words increases or decreases, so makes the money you can earn.  Besides, there are no more risks in using this website than using any other. Although you should know, as a writer, that payments are usually delayed.


  • If, in three days, the client does not approve the article, the platform makes the payment.
  • Customers can receive their items in a short time.
  • More money is made by improving the rating.
  • Best writing site to a career in.


  • Rates may be high for clients when compared to other platforms.
  • The platform does not maintain continuous communication with its members.
  • They keep between 30 and 35% of the price as commission.
  • Leveling up to elite is almost impossible if you get a 4-star review.

This community’s written content members are monitored to ensure the site’s quality. This ensures a safe place to work for clients and writers. On the other hand, top content is quite expensive but is guaranteed to come from impeccable writers.


Official Site

Upwork is one of the most recognized platforms for finding freelancers. Besides, you can get professionals in other fields of the digital world in this job bank.

This site uses freelancers in digital professions, which includes written content development. Through a portfolio and confirmation of identity, freelancers are guaranteed to be who they say they are and professionals in the area they are applying for.

As a writer, you set the price of your work. But consider the commissions, which decrease as you accumulate work:

  • 20% commission on the first $500
  • 10% commission for billing over $500 up to $10,000
  • 5% commission when turnover exceeds $10,000.

On the other hand, you get to pay a small fee for your deposits as a client, and rates are subject to the writer you hire.

One thing that speaks well of the site is that they offer payment on deposit, which often benefits customers and writers. Besides, based on their reputation, they are one of the most respected sites in the industry.


  • Top-quality technical support.
  • Low commissions.
  • Payment mediation.


  • Many bots monitor the platform.
  • Logging in can be an overwhelming process.
  • Many low-quality freelancers register.

Upwork is a reliable platform for payment guarantees. However, recently it has been flooded with inexperienced writers and has failed to debug users who are not properly trained. Nevertheless, by looking for the profiles instead of the prices, you can get some great content done at a nice rate.


Official Site

It is another of the most popular platforms for hiring professionals online. Here you can find writers from different parts of the world at low prices.

It has over 7 million professionals online working in different areas. Although the user menu has many options, navigating the site is easy and intuitive.

Freelancer does not charge for registration on the site or commissions, but they make money in other ways. As a freelancer, you must certify your skills in $5 tests, and the most prominent users pay for membership. You can pay a fee to have your ad listed at the top as a customer.

Furthermore, although it is possible to find quality freelancers at low prices, this platform presents a problem. There are too many users, which can make it a nuisance browsing the site. It is for you if you are willing to live with that.


  • High-quality freelancers at a good price.
  • Online members from different parts of the world.
  • Many tools to find what you are looking for.


  • The quality may be low.
  • You have to pay to unsubscribe.
  • Hidden fees.

This Online platform is dedicated to getting the freelancers you need. But you must be careful about the quality of the content you receive. And if you’re a freelancer, you must select the project you want to work on carefully since the price is set without specifying the work to be done.


Freelance Writing Sites

Official Site

This platform brings together well-qualified freelancers to provide a first-class service. This has an impact on their rates.

The site strives for competent freelancers. But they don’t explain how they qualify these freelancers. As a freelancer, you can choose your skills to be found by customers who need them.

They have a rather complicated fee system that charges a 2.95% to 11.95% fee for each transaction to freelancers. And it’s related to the type of membership you choose. There are three types:

  • Basic: $0.
  • Basic+: $8.95 per month.
  • Professional: $15.95 per month.

All the online help content allows you to understand how they charge their fees, but it isn’t effortless. Besides, many users have recently complained about being scammed by freelancers.


  • It has time tracker software.
  • Up to 20% discount for professional-level members.
  • Good quality freelancers (mostly).


  • Freelancers can erase bad grades.
  • It can be difficult to understand the method they use to apply fees.
  • Fees for each transaction are high.

The website is dedicated to offering quality freelancers. But that has been invaded by scammers. Their collection methods are hard to understand.


Freelance Writing Sites

Official Site

This website has freelancers specially dedicated to the academic area. They are also able to serve customers from about 50 countries.

The writers who work with them must complete different tests to become part of their team. And the best qualified by clients are PRO and PRO-Light levels. These people are responsible for carrying out clients’ academic assignments.

The rates on this site are flat. And considering factors like delivery time and the selected freelancer, you will pay according to this list:

  • Full report: $9.99 to $44.99 per page.
  • One edition: $5.99 up to $26.99 per page
  • Single selection questions: $0.99 up to $4.4 per page.
  • Troubleshooting: $14.99 to $64.99 per problem solved.
  • Slide show: $4.99 to $21.99 per slide.

You can rest assured that they deliver what they promise. But you must determine if you like the quality of the work. Unfortunately, there are many conflicting opinions online.


  • The team is professional and responsible.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Available to academics from 50 countries.


  • High prices, considering the type of customer.
  • Must improve customer service quality.
  • Pervasive order form.

The Service of academic writers of acceptable quality is always a bit higher than blog writing. In this regard, the site is ideal for students with tight schedules; but you must have a decent income to pay for the site’s freelancers’ services.


Freelance Writing Sites

Official Site

One of the biggest online communities for writers is HubPages. This site is filled with passionate people and creative writers. HubPages has been around since 2005. This site is a great place to start if you’re looking to get paid to write online or need someone to help write articles, lists, and instructions for your website or blog. Also, if you’re wondering how to make money writing a blog, you can find all the information you need on HubPages.

Get Paid to Blog

This site might not make you enough income to quit your job initially, but if you stick with it, you’ll generate a steady income in a few months. HubPages is a great way to learn the ropes in the freelance world, but it’s always best not to put all your eggs in one basket. We’ve found the top revenue-sharing sites like HubPages for you.


Freelance Writing Sites

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There are many money-earning sites, which we’ve listed below, but you might like to start from scratch and create your own niche website. SimpleSite has all the tools and instructions to help you create your own free website with the name of your choosing.

This site uses three simple steps to help you create your own website, blog, or online store. So what are you waiting for? Make your own site now to grow a unique brand just like you.


Freelance Writing Sites

Official Site

InfoBarrel is a place to share your articles online and make money doing it. This revenue-sharing site is trustworthy, and its writers are never left alone.

If you need any help on InfoBarrel, the active community is always around to lend a hand. This site will pay you a part of the income generated by the ads found on the pages containing your content. Don’t expect to get rich with InfoBarrel. Consider this site for the passive income you can set and forget.


Freelance Writing Sites

Official Site

This gets paid to the blog site called RedGage. Not only does this site pay you to write unique content of all kinds, but it will also pay you for the traffic you get on social media. RedGage will aggregate all your social media content and share it in one place.

This will drive more traffic to your blog, and every 1000 impressions will earn you extra cash. RedGage works best if you already have followers on social media, but that isn’t a requirement. Apply for a free account now to see if you’re accepted.

Writer Access

Official Site

This site will give you a star rating for your content, and the amount you earn will be based on your rating. On this site, you will generally be paid between 1.4 cents per word and $1.40 per word.

Once you create your free account on this test, you will be required to take a short test to give you your initial star rating. Payments are made twice a month through PayPal. You need a balance of $10 to be paid.

Need an Article

Official Site

If you want to get paid to write, you’ll love this website called Need an Article. This is great if you’re an experienced freelancer. This site has attorneys, pre-med students, nurses, SEO experts, and more of the same genre.

Need an Article tries to find freelancers that can work well and fast. That’s why they pick and choose their members carefully.

Apply for free to see if you’re accepted. The jobs on this site are usually pretty easy, the payments are between $5 and $12 per article, and deposits are made weekly with PayPal.

The Content Authority

Freelance Writing Sites

Official Site

In addition to our list of websites like HireWriters, everyone starts at the bottom. It’s your job to prove yourself through your writing to rise in the scales. This will take a lot of work, but your perseverance will eventually pay off.

The Content Authority is available to freelance workers worldwide. The only requirements for this site are that you must be good at English. The Content Authority uses PayPal for its deposits and pays its writers every Saturday.

Omada Works

Freelance Writing Sites

Official Site

Omada Works is one of the top freelance websites. Omada Works is an online job board that connects businesses and writers with their needed infrastructure. On this site, you can find talent throughout the site.

Omada Works can help you create your online presence or hone your existing qualities. So if you’ve been searching for a site to help you with your freelancing or searching for qualified writers, you’ll love Omada Works.


Freelance Writing Sites

Official Site

SpeedLancer makes freelancing easy. There is no hiring on this site. They work differently. On this site, you can skip the tedious hiring process and start your project with one click.

Search the available tasks, choose the one that works for you, send in your briefing, and wait for your delivery. SpeedLancer is quick and simple. The way working online should be.


Freelance Writing Sites

Official Site

Textun has a ton of articles written by native English writers. Never worry about spelling, punctuation, and grammar again. The last thing you need is to pay for an article and spend the time you don’t have on proofing.

The articles you’ll receive from this site are ready to publish, so you can spend more time working on the other things your website needs, like marketing. In addition, Textun is very affordable, with writing starting at only 1,8 cents a word.

In the end

Finding a freelancer to trust in a long-term relationship is the best idea when looking for written texts for your blog or any other type of content. On the other hand, freelancers can develop in sites where their talent is measured on a contract portfolio instead of fighting for each contract.

Sites like Guru and Upwork are widely recommended, although iWriter is a nice place if you need a quick turnaround.