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Protecting your information is a must, and the digital era plays a great part in creating and making your information more vulnerable.

Whenever you want to access the network, whether regularly or not, it is necessary to have an optimal security system. A huge number of threats can damage your computer or allow information theft. For this reason, comes Bitdefender, an optimal cybersecurity system for detection and solution against digital threats.

What is Bitdefender?

Put simply, BitDefender is one of the most used firewalls, antivirus, antispyware and antimalware programs worldwide.

We talk about a security product that has been available since 2001.  Year after year, it seeks to improve its quality, something that has made it win awards for being an excellent security product.

It protects individuals, families, and businesses from threats by installing it inside their devices, such as computers or storage clouds.

Thanks to its constant innovation and improvement, Bitdefender has been a product that has gained popularity around the world. Today, this product is found in 38% of security networks worldwide.

They have many tools, ideal for common people and companies. At the same time, they have different licenses that certify Bitdefender as the best protection system worldwide.

As it has many functions, you must know what the service consists of. For this, we have provided a detailed guide with all the aspects you should know about Bitdefender.

How does it work?

Bitdefender works as a program for protecting information from everyone. This program’s target range from natural people to people with great power, such as politicians –because, as we said earlier, it is high-quality security software.

The program overall works like any other protector for your computer, so it runs the same process as your Windows firewall but is quite harder to break.

On the other hand, Internet Security services ensure that your online information is protected and not spread to dangerous connections.

When you enter the platform, you will find three main sections: For Home, For Business, and For Partner. As you can guess, each section is specially targeted to a type of subject defined by the section’s name.

In the For Home section, you have many antivirus packages, and secure internet, among others. All these alternatives are especially aimed at ordinary people. With them, you can surf the net safely, avoiding threats when entering malicious sites.

It should also be noted that many packages include a VPN system. This is generally unlimited, giving you the benefit of accessing web pages with the IPs of regions worldwide.

In the case of the For Business section, you will find an offer aimed exclusively at companies. This offer includes a wide variety of tools, mainly focused on data protection. In addition, these protection tools are enabled 24 hours a day, preventing cyber-attacks at all costs.

Finally, you have the partner section. This one doesn’t seem very different from the business one. Both are mainly focused on companies. However, this section offers a plan for managing Bitdefender’s innovative tools. At first, this alternative may seem ideal for those serious companies with promising potential.

How much does it cost?

You can only see the cost of the plans in For Home. All business offers are subject to negotiations with the Bitdefender sales team. However, we should point out that you can enjoy a free trial version of For Business.

Regarding the costs of the Home Plans, you have a great variety. They have all-inclusive plans, especially for macOS, Windows, Android, or iOS devices.

The most interesting plans in this section are the all-inclusive ones. In these, you will have access to all the functions offered in the rest of the plans. You can choose between two options: Bitdefender Ultimate Security and Bitdefender Premium Security.

The first one offers you full protection, a VPN system, a password manager, and protection against identity theft. The latter feature is not included in the Premium Security version of the Bitdefender plan. The annual cost of the $179.99 and $159.99 plans, respectively.

However, at the moment, Bitdefender manages an interesting discount, so the price is reduced to $99.98 and $69.98, respectively.

Payment methods

Currently, they do not have a wide variety of payment methods. Exclusively you can purchase the plan you want using the following:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Paypal
  • Wiretransfer

As this is a worldwide service, it would be advisable to have more payment methods. These may be sufficient for a certain region but also a limiting factor for some users.

Is it reliable?

Undoubtedly, Bitdefender is a secure platform. It is the most well-known cybersecurity company globally. There are no complaints related to its service. Their customers indicate that they fully comply with the service offered, and at no time do they feel threatened.

When we want protection software, we must ensure that we buy the best of the best. That’s why we always want more information about the product we buy.

The good thing about Bitdefender is that it has a section where you can see the reviews of people who have purchased one of its packages. And the site also has several important partnerships, which we can highlight:

  • Microsoft
  • Linux Foundation
  • Citrix

So not only have your customers verified your reliability, but major brands have also done so and believe in Bitdefender as a quality product.

At the same time, the payment method is extremely detailed, making clear all the aspects you need to know. For this reason, you will always feel a state of tranquility and confidence when purchasing any of their payment plans.

Customer support

Bitdefender’s help system is different for Home and Business products. Therefore, you will need to access the one that corresponds to the product you have questions or problems with.

Once you enter the section, you will see the different categories of its help center. This is extremely complete and has an affluent FAQ section.

If you solved your problem with this section, you could communicate directly with the technical support team. To do so, you must complete a series of steps with the categories to which your problem corresponds. After doing so, you will be offered three options to communicate your problem: live chat, phone call, and email.

In this way, you will have an expert on the problem you present at your disposal.


  • Great variety of plans
  • They have plans with VPN
  • Low prices
  • Outstanding service
  • The service can be contracted on mobile devices
  • It has a high level of expansion around the world.
  • It has been recognized by great commercial brands such as Microsoft.
  • Year after year, they have sought to improve the software they offer to the public.
  • They have trained personnel for the development of the software offered.


  • Few payments methods
  • Its price is usually somewhat high compared to the competition.
  • The entire usage scheme is in English.
  • The packages are usually somewhat heavy for installation.

What makes it better than other options on the market?

Something that makes Bitdefender stand out from the competition is undoubtedly the trust that has been placed in the product over the years.

They offer a long journey and extensive experience in this branch, which is currently seen as one of the most needed by people. All thanks to today’s technology play an important role in our lives.

With the innovations, Bitdefender has also taken a step forward from what its competitors have done. That’s why it has offered packages that give greater protection to other ports, such as networks and storage clouds.

In conclusion

This is, without a doubt, one of the best cybersecurity companies in the market. They offer you a wide variety of tools at meager prices. In addition, they have plans focused both on the use by ordinary people and for professional companies.

Bitdefender has very few negative aspects. We can only reproach the lack of a greater number of payment methods. Being such a relevant company, it must have payment methods valid for all regions of the world.

Nevertheless, we believe this is an excellent service with a meager price for the quality of the product. If you are interested in hiring a cybersecurity service, we recommend you look at Bitdefender’s plans.

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