10 Interesting Facts About Water

Are you interested in learning about water? Water is a major part of our everyday lives and daily routines. But what do you actually know about water? And what is there to know?

Let’s go through ten interesting facts about the water you may not have heard of today!

1. Humans are Made Of Water

Did you know that the human body itself is made up of approximately fifty to sixty-five percent water? And, our brains are about seventy-five percent water! We’re not the only animals who are made heavily of water. For example, jellyfish and sea cucumbers are both made up of ninety-five percent water!

2. Water is Heavy

It may not seem like it when you swim through it, but water is actually heavy. A liter of water weighs about a kilogram, while a cubic meter of water weighs a literal ton! That’s part of why it hurts so much when you belly-flop in the pool. The impact is more than it seems at first glance!

3. The World is Water

Water covers much of the surface of our planet. In fact, it covers over seventy percent of the surface of the earth! Water can be found in oceans, rivers, and lakes, frozen in ice caps and icebergs, and vapor is formed when warming water meets frozen water. That’s part of what causes climate change!

That’s probably why water is the second most common chemical on the planet, after hydrogen gas.

4. Water Can Be Hard or Soft

You’ve probably heard the term hard water, but do you know what that is? Hard water is water with high mineral content, usually from substances like magnesium and calcium. Soft water is water that does not have that high mineral content, like water that comes from rain.

There are tons of other interesting facts about hard water. Make sure you check them out today!

5. Fresh Water is Rare

Three percent of the earth’s water is freshwater; however, only 0.5 percent of that water is usable freshwater. The rest of the water is frozen in the polar ice caps or otherwise unavailable for human use.

That’s a big problem since many of us already use more water than we need. That is why water conservation is a really important part of sustainability. It helps to make sure that our fresh water supply doesn’t disappear

6. Water Changes Its State

Water is one of the only substances on the earth that is found in gas, water, or solid forms naturally and at normal temperatures, making it an extremely unique element.  Plus, we use all of the different forms of water in our everyday lives.

We drink water, use ice to cool our drinks, and water vapor forms in our showers. Water’s ability to change state is just one part of what makes it so special.

7. We Need Water To Live

It may not be surprising to heat, but we need to drink water in order to continue living. You can only live for about a week without drinking water. Drinking plenty of water is a very important part of staying happy and healthy, and keeping your body working properly.

You should make sure that you are drinking at least eight eight-ounce glasses each day to keep yourself in good shape for the rest of your life.

8. We Use So Much Water

People use water in our everyday lives, but you won’t believe how much. The average person in the United States uses around 100 gallons of water per day, or 127,400 gallons per household each year.

However, these estimates change by country and area. People in Europe use an average of only 50 gallons of water each day, while people in some areas of Africa use only two to five gallons of water each day. That’s because some people have less access to water than others and some countries are more likely to waste water on an everyday basis.

In addition, that’s not even taking into consideration how much water is used every day by the various companies and corporations that produce our food, manufacture our clothing, and create our computers and other technological devices.

9. Many People Lack Access to Water

In many countries (including in both developed and developing nations) people lack regular access to safe, clean drinking water. According to the World Health Organization, only 5.4 billion people had safe drinking water access each month.

The remaining population had to commute for a half-hour to access clean drinking water, had to travel more than a half-hour to access clean drinking water, only had access to unsafe, untreated drinking water, or only had access to water from sources like lakes and oceans.

Unclean drinking water is dangerous and can cause diseases, so it’s incredibly important for people to have access to clean drinking water.

10. There’s Water in Space

Did you know that water can be found in space? Astronauts have found pockets of water on the moon, which means there is the potential for human life in space! However, liquid water hasn’t been found in outer space just yet, so we’ll have to hold our breath to see if there are extraterrestrials out there!

Facts About Water Are Important For Our World

Water is a fascinating factor that matters so much to every part of our lives and water. So, it’s important to know a lot of facts about water so that you truly understand its importance in our lives.

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