7 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Shipping Process

Do you want to improve your business’s shipping process?

With most people staying at home today, online shopping has become an essential part of everyday life.

Even brands and businesses that never considered selling their products and services online have started doing so. Adapting in such a way helps keep businesses relevant amidst the crisis everyone is facing.

Adapting is not enough, though. To keep customers going back to your services, providing them with amazing customer service is also important. The best way you can do this as an online service is to provide them with an amazing delivery service.

The first step towards having an amazing delivery service, though, is to master the shipping processes your business can use. Read on for some tips on how your business can improve on its shipping standards.

1. Simplify and Keep Your Documentation in Order

Keeping tabs on your customer’s orders is vital to keeping things from breaking down in the shipping process. There’s nothing worse than delivering an item to someone who ordered something else. If that happens, they have to send it back to you and wait for another day or so to get their order.

This will not help your business in keeping customers if it happens on the regular. To keep this from happening, streamlining the documentation process is the best way to do it. Keeping the paperwork separate will prevent order forms from mixing up.

If you want a better way to streamline it, use electronic data interchange. EDI removes the need for loose stacks of paper by taking the information given by the customer and logs it straight into the supplier’s internal system.

It’s a good way to keep mistakes as low as they can get. It also helps your business cut costs by removing the need to restock on paper.

2. Keep Communications with Your Warehouse Open

The warehouse is where most communications breakdown in substandard delivery businesses. The workers won’t get confirmation about any shipping request and they won’t get answers to their questions. This always ends in missed shipments, wrong deliveries, and mishandled goods.

Keeping an open line of communication will prevent any mishaps in the warehouse. Informing your handlers about an incoming surge of orders will help them a lot. They can take time to make space and manage the other workers to help them prepare too.

Doing this also helps them be more comfortable in contacting you when problems arise. Being an unapproachable figure will only result in missed opportunities for them. This can cost your business if it’s about an important decision.

Open communications help them feel at ease when contacting you. This will make things more efficient in the warehouse and get deliveries out faster.

3. Choose the Best Courier Available

To ensure the success of your shipping department, hire the best courier available. Most people check out the fastest courier service in their area. Delivery speed is good, but there’s more to shipping than speed.

Consider the other elements of the delivery like the security they provide. Their reliability in handling the package is also important. Getting to the customer in time is useless if the package is missing or broken.

Consider how easy it is to do business with them too. Can you contact them with no issues? If not, it’s time to look for another service as it’s a bad practice to delay any delivery due to bad communications.

Then there’s the cost. Is it worth it to hire them when you think of the profits you make from a sale? It’s never worth it to hire a courier if you don’t earn an income by doing so.

4. Provide Shipping Options

You will never encounter the same customer twice in a row. One customer can be patient and will wait for 3 days for their order. The others may want their order to arrive on the same day.

This makes it important for you to invest in different shipping options. Doing this provides customers with a choice on how fast they want their orders to arrive. It helps your brand cater to all visitors and turn them into customers.

It’s tough to manage rush shipments at first, but the business you get from the new customers will help you compensate for them.

5. Optimize the Shipping Elements You Can Control

There are some things you have direct control over with your shipments. You can tweak the physical aspects of your deliveries to make it better for you and your customers. The sizes of your boxes are great examples and can have a great impact on your business.

Bigger boxes often cost more in deliveries. They also cost more when you buy them from your supplier. Considering your products’ size in conjunction with the boxes helps you optimize them.

You can find more packaging tips from packagingfulfillment.com. You can also consider branding your packages with your company logo or such. Doing this helps make your brand look more professional.

6. Prepare Your Shipments for Customs

This is a mandatory step if you want to grow as an international brand. As customers from other countries order from you, they expect you to deliver without fail. The problem is that you can fail at a moment’s notice when the package reaches customs.

Getting a customs clearance isn’t difficult. You only need to prepare your packages for it. The best way to prepare your packages is to read up on what can get you flagged at customs.

Another good way to streamline the process is to declare your good before delivery. As long as there’s nothing suspicious listed, the package will go straight through.

7. Keep Your Customer Updated Throughout Their Package’s Journey

Keep your customer informed at all times to improve their experience with your brand. There are many ways you can keep them informed about their package. The best way to do this is to provide a tracking code to your customers.

They can keep track of the location of their packages whenever they check their code online. This way, they won’t feel frustrated thinking about whether their packages are at the door.

Improve and Master Your Business’s Shipping Process Today

Take your business’s shipping process to the next level today. Improve your business and your customer’s experience with these 7 tips now!

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