How to Make a Game App: 9 Tips from Pro Developers

There are over 4 million apps available for download right now on the Google Play and Apple app stores combined. That number grows every day.

It’s no secret that mobile apps are big business given that nearly 77% of the American population owns a smartphone. What often feels like a secret, though, is how in the heck all of these app creators manage to build the great products they release. If you’ve always wanted to create an app, specifically a game app, this article is for you.

In it, our team shares some chronologically laid out and important tips that aim to answer all of your how to make game app questions. So keep reading below!

1. Define Your Audience

Before you do anything, you have to know what audience you’d like to build for. Your game can’t appeal to everyone, and if you try to make it, chances are your app will appeal to no one. So, what audience do you want to target? Which segment-best aligns with your experiences and sensibilities? The more specifically you can define who your app’s audience is, the smoother your development process will go.

2. Know What Your Game Should Do

With your audience in mind, ask yourself what they want. Do they have specific problems? Are there specific things your audience likes? Everything on the app store that’s successful fills a need. Know what your audience’s needs are and make sure your game in some way speaks to those needs if you want your application to gain traction.

3. Brainstorm Your Game

You’ll find yourself brainstorming a lot as you try to accomplish your how to create a game app ambitions. That’s because games are every bit as diverse as the people that play them. Will your game feature deep storylines? Is it going to be a simple pick up and play a game like Temple Run? We’ll tell you the simpler your game, the faster you’ll be able to bring it to market.

Stuck trying to decide how deep your game should be? Think about your audience. If you think the majority of your consumers would prefer topical experiences, go with topical. If you think they have the patience to get wrapped up in deeper storylines and gameplay, go with that.

4. Pick a Platform

iOS or Android… That is the question. In truth, there are other platforms out there like Windows. Still, if you’re looking for your app to make waves quickly, you’ll probably want to focus your game app efforts on Apple or Google-powered devices.

Android mobile devices have more users. The platform also has more apps cluttering its market, though. iOS applications generate more revenue than Android apps. On the other hand, iOS rules are a lot more strict than Android’s, and there are more hoops you’ll need to jump through to bring your game to market.

5. List out Advanced Functions Your Game Might Have

If your game is going to incorporate advanced functions like multiplayer, camera integration, and AR, you’ll want to have those features listed out before engaging developers. Advanced functions can have a massive impact on your development costs. The sooner you understand what your “out of the box” ambitions are, the sooner you can price them out.

6. Look at Competitors in the Space

There are almost certainly a couple of apps on iOS and Android that are similar to what you’re building. We recommend checking them out. See what you like about them and don’t like. Notice the kind of traction they’re getting and what users wish they’d do differently. All of that information is invaluable when it comes to making final decisions on your game.

7. Figure out Your Budget (And Plan for Revisions)

Unless you’re a one-man show, making an app is going to cost you some money. Figure out as soon as possible how much you’re willing to put into your game. Armed with your budget and a list of features, you’ll be able to get proper consultations from local developers and can make adjustments based on their advice. Be aware that post-launch revisions (which always happen) will need to be budgeted for.

8. Find the Best Development Team/Tools

With all of the pre-planning you’ve done, you’ll be ready to hunt down developers. You can hire app developers through a number of websites online. There are also tools like GoodBarber that allow non-coders to create their own basic app builds.

9. Market Like Crazy

As we mentioned in this blog post’s intro, there are a lot of applications on the market today. In order for yours to stand out, no matter how good it is, you’ll need to market it. Shout about your application post-launch on social media. Take out pay per click ads to drive downloads. Ask your friends to help you spread the word. Your game’s success will hinge on your willingness to tell people about it. With that in mind, don’t be shy and start promoting!

Wrapping up How to Make a Game App Tips from Developers

Our how to make a game app tips you’ve just gone through are what many of the world’s top developers advocate to newbie builders. We hope they can help you direct your development efforts and will ultimately lead you to the success you’re looking for! Whether you’re trying to compare products or are looking for more how to create an app information, our team at “Good Sites Like” has you covered.