5 Best Travel Booking Sites Like Hipmunk

Are you looking for a place to help you plan and book your next trip? Then we may just have the answer to your most urgent needs. While Hipmunk led the market for almost 10 years in the north of the US and part of Canada, they shut down in January 2020 leaving behind a nice share of the traveler market.

So, let’s get to the point and tell you where else you can plan your next trip by discovering some of the best travel booking sites.


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Among the best sites for travel reservations, we have selected 6 that, in our opinion, have everything necessary to make you enjoy a comfortable and trouble-free trip.

And this list is opened by Skyscanner, a flight booking website that allows you to quickly and easily select your point of origin and destination so that you can venture out into the world.


You can easily select from which part of the world you plan to travel from (with the option to view the airports near the location), and to which destination you are heading, as well as the date of departure and return, and the type of air ticket you wish to purchase.

  • You can also find the best Skyscanner options in hotels according to your preferences.
  • Compare the options Skyscanner presents on the website to choose the one that best suits you.
  • Enjoy special prices, rates, and discounts using Skyscanner services.
  • View the gallery of tourist destinations, Skyscanner shows you the best places you can travel to.

Skyscanner’s website is backed up in cyberspace as one of the best travel booking sites, so you can enjoy its services with confidence and without any worries.

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Vayama’s interface, another of the best sites for booking flights, hotels, car service, taxis, and much more, is one of the most attractive and easy to use, both on computers and mobile phones.

Like most sites of this type, you can include where you are, where you want to travel, and how long you will travel. But on top of that, Vayama has some new features that will catch your eye when you take a walk around the site.


  • Vayama gives you access to an easy search for airplane flights according to your preferences.
  • Choose the hotel that best suits you with Vayama, just enter certain preferences and the rest is taken care of by the website itself to offer you the best results.
  • Do you need a vehicle at your destination? No problem, Vayama also has it covered by offering you the safest and most reliable car rental services.
  • And if you don’t need a car but a means of transportation to take you and your luggage from one point to another, Vayama’s service has it for you too.
  • It has a blog where you can find information written by the Vayama team, about interesting topics in terms of travel destinations, experiences, and more.

The Vayama web page even offers you support as a user so that whenever you need it, you can count on a team that is ready to clarify all your doubts and solve possible problems.

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CheapOair is the third on our list and has an interface and design similar to our two previous options. It is a safe, reliable, and quality website, so you can book your trips with CheapOair without any problem.

On CheapOair’s online site you can choose the number of travelers, the category of the flight, the place of departure and destination, as well as the travel dates. Find also cheaper flights and a faster way to generate your reservations.


  • With CheapOair, you can find national and international offers for certain flights on specific dates.
  • You will find low fares on more than 600 airlines that are part of the CheapOair platform.
  • CheapOair gives you the promise of price matching on the services it offers.
  • It also has a CheapOair customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You will be able to register to make your reservations.
  • You can apply for a CheapOair Credit Card.
  • Make the exchange of currencies to adjust it to your local currency.
  • Download the CheapOair application for your mobile phone and have it at your fingertips.

You can contact the CheapOair team at any time, from anywhere in the world. Book, ask questions, make claims, the CheapOair team will be there to serve and help you.

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No, we have not repeated the same website twice, CheapAir is an online travel booking site that has nothing to do with the one mentioned above, although of course, it fulfills the same function.

The CheapAir website is in English only, but its interface is similar to all other online travel booking service platforms.


Searching and finding flights on CheapAir is easy, just select the origin and destination, the number of travelers, and the type of ticket you want, and you’re done!

  • Already more than 3 million travelers use CheapAir’s services to book their trips.
  • More than 30 years in the market support CheapAir.
  • You can register with CheapAir and get access to discounts, benefits, flight news, and more.
  • CheapAir’s blog has it too. Read the latest articles written by the travel company’s team and stay informed.
  • Phone line you can call at any time: 1.800.CheapAir.

Join the millions of travelers who have chosen to travel the world using the services of CheapAir, have exceptional support in the travel booking industry thanks to all its years helping you to travel in the most economical, easy, and safe way.

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Skiddoo is an online travel agency based in Australia and gives you access to local and international airlines, whether you are a student or a regular individual who wants to enjoy the service.

You will find on the Skiddoo website a quick and easy way to access the best travel options in terms of flights, hotels, and more, thanks to its user-friendly interface.


  • Skiddoo offers you a flight book where you can find the best options. Choose between one-way Skiddoo flights, multi-city flights, or return flights, with amazing discounts.
  • It has a section for student flights with Skiddoo, which includes the same options we mentioned in the previous point.
  • With Skiddoo you can access a wide list of places in Australia and the world you can travel to.
  • The portal provides you with extended information about each destination through which Skiddo will help you get there.
  • Find Skiddoo in the various application markets, both Google Play and the App Store.
  • Skiddoo is accredited under ATAS.
  • Use Paypal, your credit cards, Visa Checkout, and more, for your Skiddoo payments

Skiddoo shows you in an attractive and fast way all the destinations you can travel to, offering you even flights below $999, and a top 5 most requested destinations by Skiddoo users. It is a website that has great support and is accredited, so you can trust your money and your security to make your trips without any inconvenience

To Sum Up

Travelling is a pleasure and can be a nightmare if not planned well. Sites like Skiddoo and Skyscanner are widely recognized and trusted, yet it is up to you to decide where do you want to plan your next vacations.

Also, don’t get confused between CheapOair and CheapAir, CheapOair is a bit better when it comes to business trips and has lower rates for domestic flies.

We hope that you could make a choice between one of those great travel booking sites for your next trip.

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