Things to Consider When Choosing CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD, in its various forms, has been popularly used not just for humans but also for animals. Cannabidiol oil offers various health benefits and is extensively used for medicinal purposes.  While finding CBD oil for dogs may not be challenging with a plethora of available options, it is important to find a reliable brand that offers the product’s goodness.

CBD Oil for Dogs

Dog owners looking for a reputable brand to improve their pet’s quality of life. This article highlights things that you should consider when buying Cannabidiol products. 

Just like the human body, the endocannabinoid system in mammals also absorbs CBD enabling it to work through the system. 

If your pet is to be introduced to CBD oil for dogs for the first time, ensuring quality and dosage and ascertaining its existing health conditions is imperative. Consulting a vet is always helpful as they can guide you correctly, especially if your pet has been undergoing other medication for specific health conditions. After all, you want the best for your pet, and finding a quality product cannot be overlooked. 

Choose hemp-derived CBD oil.

The quality of CBD oil extracted from hemp is considered to be superior in its quality as compared to that derived from cannabis. Both sources have unique properties. The basic difference between these two strains is that Cannabis comprises an increased amount of THC as compared to hemp-derived products. Legal Cannabidiol products contain less than 0.3% THC. This means that your dog will not get a high from the product.

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Choose Full-spectrum CBD 

You may find an array of cannabidiol strains on the market. Among the prominent strains, full-spectrum CBD oil consists of all-natural Cannabinoids and Terpenes from the hemp plant. So, any full-spectrum product will contain CBC, CBG, Terpenes, and THC in its legalized quantity.

It is these natural cannabinoids that boost the advantages of the hemp oil and provide the entourage effect, unlike what strains such as Cannabidiol Isolate can provide. 

The extraction procedure 

When choosing a hemp-derived product for your dog, it is important to check its extraction process. There are several extraction methods used today to manufacture Cannabidiol oil, and each of those procedures comes with its pros and cons. Organic extraction is recommended as products culled from the CO2 extraction method are known to produce the highest quality CBD oil.

As a pet owner, paying special attention to these methods is important to pick the safest product for your dog. Tinctures created by other processes aren’t considered equally healthy as they involve using chemicals, such as butane, propane, ethanol, etc., to extract the product resulting in toxin-laden products.  

Select an organic product 

A CBD oil derived from organically grown hemp using the CO2 extraction process can be considered safe. That’s because organically cultivated hemp is grown on pesticides free soil and clean water. Such oils are thus free of toxins, pesticides, and chemicals. 

Ensure a licensed source 

Compromising on the quality of your product or the safety of your canine friend is out of the question. To ensure this,s it is important to ensure that you buy your product only from licensed dealers. 

Your dealer will be able to share the third-party lab report that specifies the type and the level of Cannabinoids present in the product. This can help you tally the ingredients mentioned on the product’s label to that detailed on the analysis certificate issued by the regulatory authority. Thus, checking the label on the product package is essential to ensure its quality for your pup. 

Tinctures are better 

If you are searching for the best options, purchasing Cannabidiol in its tincture form for your four-legged furry buddies will be a good idea. These are usually available in their purest form. Tinctures allow you to measure the dosage as required. You can use a dropper to give your dog the necessary dose. This enables effective dosage control and can be regulated concerning your dog’s needs.

You can use the dropper to put the medicine into your pet’s mouth directly. If your pet appears fussy about ingesting it directly, you can add it to his meals or favorite treats. 

Experts suggest you buy nano-sized microemulsion Cannabidiol to ensure that your dog gets the smallest particles for optimum absorption. 

Less-priced products aren’t always the best.

With many retailers selling CBD online as well, discounts may appear scrumptious but then be careful as you could be risking your pet’s safety. Good quality tinctures may not be very cheap, especially when such products are derived from organically cultivated hemp and in their pure form.

Instead of going by the price, it will be sensible to check the product’s description on its label for information on its contents, consistency, and other necessary details. 

Unsure of whether or not to use Cannabidiol for your dog? Avoiding oils that cannot be verified to contain the therapeutic level of Cannabidiol is better. Only pure tincture offers maximum potency and purity to ensure its efficacy for therapeutic use. 

The dosage to be administered may vary according to your dog’s weight, age, and health condition. Every brand has a specific dosage chart; you can read the tincture label when purchasing it. Regardless of your dog’s condition, starting with a lower dosage and increasing it as and when needed is a good idea. 

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