Classic and Unique Ways to Lace Your Sneakers

Are you looking to make a statement with your sneakers?

Tying your shoes is just one style option that many people do every day when they get ready for a trip or for a night out. Yet, changing up this classic style with some extra steps can take it to a new level.

Getting creative with your sneakers is an excellent way to be sure they’re different from the crowd. Keep reading to learn a few options to consider the next time that you’re tying up your sneaker laces. Read along to learn more!

Classic Straight Lacing

Classic straight lacing is one of the oldest and most classic ways of lacing your sneakers. The lacing technique is simple and relies upon the color of the laces to make the shoes look their best. It is a basic weaving pattern, where the laces are simply threaded over and under each other, from the bottom of the shoe to the top.

This lacing method doesn’t require any fancy knotting or criss-crossing techniques. It is versatile and can be used with practically any type of sneaker.

The straight lacing pattern adds a unique and stylish look to your sneakers. No matter what your sneaker lace styles or preferences are, straight lacing offers a classic look that always looks great.


CrossLace is a unique sneaker accessory that helps you to customize, personalize and optimize the look and function of your shoes. It has an innovative design that crisscrosses the laces to provide extra support to your feet. This helps to give your sneakers a custom look without ever having to break the laces of your shoes.

It also helps to improve your stability and traction when walking. The elastic material of the laces helps to keep your laces tight and your feet secure. CrossLace also provides a unique way to express your personal style and fashion tastes with various colors and patterns available.

Ladder Lace

It’s a time-tested technique that has been used by all types of sneakerheads for decades. To achieve the ladder lace look, you simply tie your laces into the classic bar or zigzag between the eyelets. The result forms a sturdy ladder pattern.

Not only does this look great but it also ensures that the laces remain tight and supportive for the duration of your wear. The best part about ladder lacing is that no two pairs of shoes will ever look the same.

Criss-Cross Lace

When tying the long shoe laces, the ends should cross each other in the middle, forming an ‘X’. This method of lacing will not only offer more support to your feet but also adds a stylish twist to your sneakers.

You can achieve this by either going down the sides as you tie the laces or by looping them around each other when you tie them. Also, learn how to clean shoelaces to give your sneakers an extra touch of personalization and care.

Use the Best Sneaker Laces Style Today

Overall, the different ways of styling your sneakers are a great way to express yourself differently with any outfit. Whether you choose the Classics or the Unique ways, your sneaker laces will be sure to make a statement. Give it a try, and let your creativity run wild!

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