Different Types of Marijuana Leaves Explained

Are you looking for an easy way to assess the health of your marijuana plants?

If you’re growing marijuana, it can be difficult to know how to care for your plants in the best possible way. It can be tempting to invest in expensive equipment to assess the health of your plants.

But did you realize that you can find many important things by looking at your marijuana leaves? By doing this, you’ll be able to know things such as how healthy your plants are and when to harvest them.

If you want to find out more, read on, and we’ll tell you what you need to know.

How to Identify Marijuana Leaves

If you are a marijuana grower, it’s important that you understand the different kinds of leaves and what to look for to understand what your plant needs to thrive.

When you see problems on your plant’s leaves, you can take it as a clear sign that there is something that you need to do for the plant.

All types of cannabis come from the Cannabis sativa L category. The L comes from the last name of a man named Carl Linnaeus, who was the first person to name and classify the plant by using taxonomic nomenclature. He identified several types of marijuana leaves, all of which have origins in different parts of the world.

Indica Leaves

Indica is a strain that many people choose to use to help them to relax. It is often the case that Indica leaves have higher THC contents than other types of leaves.

Indica plants have a short and thick-bodied build. The plants originally came from the subtropical areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Because of the growing conditions that Indica varieties evolved to thrive in, they need to get a lot more sun to be healthy. If they get enough light, the plants grow much more quickly than other varieties.

The Indica leaf is short and wide. It will have anywhere between seven and nine structures that look like fingers.

Because the leaf is so short and compact, it is a great option for indoor growers because it takes up less space than other varieties.

Another easy way to identify Indica leaves is by their color. Most leaves have a deep green color, which is a result of their high levels of chlorophyll.

Several of the most popular Indica strains are the Hindu Kush and Purple Kush. When seeking out pure strains, remember that it is rare and difficult to find them.

Sativa Leaves

Sativa plants are great for growing outdoors because the plants are bigger and bushier. Some strains can grow to more than twelve feet high.

Sativa leaves are thinner and longer than Indica leaves and have a lighter green color. Two popular Sativa strains are Panama Red and Durban Poison. Just like Indica strains, many of the popular Sativa strains are hybrids.

Ruderalis Leaves

This interesting variety comes from present-day Russia and Central Asia. It is a unique species of autoflowering cannabis that grows naturally in the wild. It only grows to two to three feet, which means it is shorter than Sativa and Indica plants.

The leaves are very different than other strains as well. They only have between three and five fingers, and the leaves are very thin. Just like other strains of marijuana, it is difficult to find pure ruderalis plants since most of them are hybrids.

Ruderalis has a lower concentration of THC than other strains, which is why it’s not as popular for people to grow. With this being said, many growers cross-Pollinate huderalis plants with Indica or Sativa plants to have the autoflowering abilities of the ruderalis plant.

Understanding a Hybrid Cannabis Leaf

One of the many important cannabis facts for growers is that very few pure marijuana strains exist. Instead, most strains are hybrids. By their nature, it’s harder to classify hybrid strains because they resemble their parent strains in many different ways.

Three of the most popular hybrid strains are White Widow, Cannatonic, and Blue Dream. Why You Should Learn to Tell the Difference Between Different Kinds of Marijuana Leaves

Knowing the differences between different cannabis leaves is very important if you’re a grower. Knowing how to differentiate between leaves will make it easier to understand how well your plants are growing.

Learning to read a plant’s leaves is one of many possible ways to gauge a plant’s health. By reading a plant’s leaves, you’ll be able to see things such as drooping, curling, and harm from pests.

By learning how to assess your plant’s leaves, you’ll also be able to tell when to harvest cannabis. One of the easiest tell-tale signs is when leaves on the plant start to turn yellow. You should ensure to harvest your plants before the leaves on the buds you harvest turn yellow.

It’s Easy to Understand the Different Types of Marijuana Leaves

Learning about the different kinds of marijuana leaves will help you to become a better grower. You’ll be able to tell how healthy your plants are so that you can respond quickly when problems develop. Knowing the different kinds of leaves can also tell when to harvest your plants.

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