Ditch the Cup of Joe: 5 Natural Ways to Boost Energy without Turning to Coffee

83% of American adults drink coffee regularly.

However, have you ever thought about ditching the drug and choosing a more natural path to getting your mid-afternoon perk?

Natural Ways to Boost Energy

If you’re not a fan of coffee and caffeine jitters? Try these five natural energy boosters to help you stay alert.

1. Get More Sleep

Many of us turn to coffee when we haven’t had enough sleep. Although this is sometimes unavoidable, getting enough sleep should ALWAYS be higher on our priority list.

One in three adults doesn’t get enough sleep. No wonder our love for coffee is so evident.

If you’re battling a caffeine addiction, you may be surprised by how much better you feel when focused on getting enough shut-eye.

But how can you get to sleep? Try developing a night-time routine, stay away from electrical devices before bed and gulp down Camomile tea a few hours before sleeping.

2. Head Out for a Lunchtime Walk

If you find yourself nodding off at your desk, get up and go out for a walk. This can feel contradictory to what you WANT to do, but it will help perk you up!

Fresh air will help you feel more alive. So not only does a walk help refresh you, but it will also expose you to natural light, which can also help wake you up.

Furthermore, you’ll get your muscles working and blood pumping, giving you a natural energy boost.

If you incorporate more exercise into your weekly routine, you’ll sleep better and feel more alert.

3. Reduce Sugar and Eat More Nutritious Meals

Sugar may taste great and give us an afternoon energy boost, but it will result in a crash too. This crash will have you reaching for the caffeine.

Instead, prepare a few healthier snacks before you leave for work in the morning. Apples are known for their quality in waking you up.

Why not cut a few up and store them with nuts on your desk?

After a long day at work, it’s also essential to eat nutritious meals to keep you feeling healthy and alert.

Again, use the method of preparing food in advance to reheat – think delicious soups and stews or curries. You could be stunned by how much your diet changes your energy levels.

4. Drink Water or Herbal Teas

When you feel yourself getting an afternoon headache and a horrible feeling of drowsiness, try first reaching for your water bottle.

Humans are terrible judges of when we are thirsty. So having a large glass of water will help perk your brain up.

If this doesn’t do the trick, try a few herbal teas which can wake you up. For example, green tea has hundreds of health benefits.

Why not consider another plant-based solution and begin taking Kratom, too? Check out The Kratom Connect for more info!

5. Meditate Regularly

You may feel skeptical of how meditation can help you avoid caffeine. But, it’s been proven that we can regulate our sleep and reduce our stress and anxiety levels by meditating.

You’ll feel huge benefits by meditating for just a couple of minutes daily, such as understanding yourself better and loving yourself.

On this “journey,” you may also learn why you’re leaning so heavily on caffeine…

Natural Energy Boosters Should be Introduced Slowly

It would help if you built a routine to incorporate these natural energy boosters into your life.

If you can slowly build a healthier way of life for yourself, you’ll be grateful as you age.

Your time as an older person will come around soon enough! Make sure you’re in sound enough mind to choose the best senior living options for you.

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