DIY Outdoor Movie Theater: How to Bring Hollywood to Your Hometown

The pandemic has changed life as we know it. Everyone is social distancing and taking the time to binge and discover new content. If you want to get the best of both worlds, setting up a movie theater in your backyard might be just what the doctor ordered.

You can have Hollywood in your backyard when you set it up correctly. Consider these points to learn how to build a DIY outdoor movie theater.

1. Pick the Ideal Location

You can throw an outdoor movie event when you choose an incredible location with the equipment and scenery to match.

Go outside and consider your backyard layout to find the ideal place to watch your favorite movies. Find the best place to post the screen and configure a seating arrangement that will let you entertain the company.

2. Invest in a Quality Projector

The projector is make or break when creating a movie theater in your yard.

You need to send the picture to the screen no matter the distance and without delay. When shopping for a projector, research the specs and ensure that it has enriching and accurate color varieties.

Consider other matters, such as the wattage and the light source. Choose projectors compatible with all sorts of devices, whether you need HDMI hookups or DLP technology.

3. Choose a Large and Durable Screen

When you want the best movie experience possible, it’s essential that you invest in a screen that brings it all home. When you want the true movie experience, you’ll need an extensive and impressive screen.

Select a movie screen that is large, white, and smooth so that there’s no distortion in the picture. The screen should have no wrinkles or creases, and you’ll want to set it up so it can stand tall without waving back and forth.

Shop for large screens for everyone to enjoy the show while still sitting far apart.

4. Figure Out Your Media Player Setup

Today, there are more streaming services than ever that you can subscribe to. If you want access to the best movies, you’ll need devices that can hook up to these systems.

Check for devices that let you hook up things like Chromecast and Amazon’s fire stick. Consider the different inputs and outputs, and ensure that the media player is scaleable and easy to plug and play.

5. Make Sure That You Have Excellent Sound

The sound setup you choose is as important as the picture. People will appreciate the experience when the speakers are also high-quality.

Think about why you go to the movies in the first place. You can watch a Rom-Com on cable whenever it’s no longer in theatres. But when you watch to catch an epic action-adventure or fantasy movie, you pay your hard-earned cash to watch it in the theatre.

The booming surround sound in the movies lets you feel like you’re truly experiencing the action as it unfolds. Shop around for the speakers that will recreate this experience in your backyard.

Several Bluetooth speaker setups you can look into will let you add dimensions to whatever you’re watching. Choose speakers that have different levels, modes, and options.

For instance, you might want to use different settings when watching a boxing pay-per-view than you would the next Star Wars movie.

6. Organize Your Movie Theater to Avoid Clumsy Wires and Obstacles

Set your outdoor movie theater so everyone can move around without facing obstacles. If you have wires strewn about, it increases the potential for someone to stumble on it and ruin the movie for everyone accidentally.

Worse, someone might fall and hurt themselves if these wires and cables aren’t neatly tucked away. Invest in wireless technology whenever you can since it provides you with a high-tech setup that is clean and organized.

7. Create Seating Arrangements That Are Comfortable and Organized

Technology aside, ensure you also have a vision for your seating arrangements. Maintain social distancing, and invest in some seats that are comfortable and that allow people to relax and recline.

Since you’re outdoors, do what you need to ward off mosquitos, flies, and other bugs. You can light some bug repellant torches, set up nets, and try other methods that will keep these insects from ruining the movie experience.

Have your trash receptacles available and open so people can immediately ditch their garbage.

8. Allow for the Best Snacks, Food, and Refreshments

It isn’t a movie theater unless you also have food, snacks, and refreshments. Imagine how amazing a movie night can be if it doubles as a cookout.

Grilling out with burgers, hot dogs, and popcorn will make it an event to remember. You can also set up some coolers so that people can grab their beer or soda to wash it all down. Create refreshment stations so people can get what they want without waiting or missing an essential part of the movie.

Create the DIY Outdoor Movie Theater Experience Right in Your Backyard

If you want to build a DIY outdoor movie theater, the strategies above will create a fantastic experience. Setting up your backyard movie theater is an excellent way to create a social distance-approved outing this summer and beyond.

Use these tips to have a fantastic movie viewing experience in your backyard.

Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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