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Elite Singles is an online dating agency that operates in more than 25 countries since 2009 and is based in Berlin. This site is supported by the Spark Networks Service GmbH company and offers a partnership-related or compatible method.

So, in short, they promise you to find a romantic partner for you based on an algorithm.

How does it work?

In some countries, to use this platform, you must be 16 years old (United States), and in others, you must be at least 18 years old. In addition, you must register and take a personality test that they call “the 5 big factors,” where variables are measured as your openness to new experiences, responsibility, extraversion, friendliness or kindness, and your emotional stability.

This test is free of charge, and from there, you will create a profile that you can administer independently. Once this first part is completed, Elite Singles’ algorithms will present you with a personalized list of possible users who are compatible with your profile and expectations.

On the other hand, the Elite Singles team is in charge of checking the reliability of the people who subscribe to their site. However, they make some suggestions that you should take into account to avoid fraud and cat-fishing. Among those recommendations are:

  • Verify the information that seems unrealistic
  • Be careful with your personal information
  • Do not accept financial demands
  • Do not let other users pressure you

In giving your consent to attend a first personal appointment, you should consider avoiding drinking too much alcohol, taking care of your personal belongings, and always informing you where you will be. Several apps could help you with these security measures.

How much does it cost?

Actually, on their site is not explicit the cost of subscriptions. However, what we do find is that there are two types.

A free subscription or basic profile that includes the following functions available:

  • Consult the results of the test
  • Receive suggestions from partners
  • Send smiles, and we like you
  • Upload photos.

As for the premium subscription, it includes the following functions:

  • A more extensive version of the test results
  • You get to be suggested to other premium users more frequently
  • You will be able to see who has visited your profile
  • Send, and receive, a limited number of messages
  • You will have access to all the photos of your suggested partner
  • You will be presented with at least 20 additional profiles each day
  • And, you will have access from the IOS or, android application.

Among the accepted payment methods are credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), debit cards, check, and PayPal. Please note that you should review the payment methods in each region. The cost of the premium subscription will depend on the duration of the contract you choose. It is paid in a single payment of at least 6 months. This must be taken into account if you want to cancel your application for the subscription, as it is a bit complex the refund.

Is it reliable?

The company is verifiable, and has several years in the market, has at least 310,000 monthly subscriptions, and is available in 25 countries. On the other hand, users reflect that the algorithms used sometimes do not match their expectations, so the response time customer service is poor can take up to more than a week to clarify the doubts and/or requests made by users.

On the other hand, there is no transparency regarding the price of the paid membership, which is not a good sign.


  • More and more couples are getting to know each other and making the first approach through the internet.
  • You can make new friends from the comfort of your home.
  • Elite Singles platform has a matchmaking-based algorithm that seems to be realistic.


  • The subscription is charged in a single payment and not monthly.
  • Even if you wish to cancel your subscription, the payment has already been debited.
  • The technical support service is faulty.
  • The recommendations of possible appointments or contacts are often not in the city where you live.


The application is not very good. Most people complain about having to pay for additional services not stipulated when hiring the service. On the other hand, users also comment that it has a high cost for the advantages they offer and otherwise do not comply.

We suggest you always read the terms and conditions at the time of contracting the service, so you will have a detailed view of what to expect. On the other hand, it is not advisable to give your credit card information to sites with low transparency.

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