Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease: 5 Things Every Man Should Know

When a man’s heart isn’t functioning properly, his whole body suffers. Ankles swell, anxiety levels rise, and often erections don’t happen. Erectile dysfunction and heart disease have a close relationship.

So keep reading to learn four major facts that will help you understand the connection between what happens in your chest and what’s going on below your belt.

1. ED Can Indicate Heart Disease

If you’re noticing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you should also have your heart checked. Erectile dysfunction can stem from narrowing arteries and poor blood flow. So it only stands to reason that poor blood flow can affect a heart just as much as a penis.

2. Increased Sexual Activity Deters Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

Studies have proven that men who have intercourse more often have a decreased chance of erectile dysfunction and heart disease. The theory is that when men have sex and get an erection more often. They’re less likely to develop a dysfunction.

Experts also say that increased sexual activity lowers heart disease risk as well. Sex requires some amount of cardiovascular health. It is a form of exercise that strengthens the heart, reduces stress, improves sleep, and lowers blood pressure.

A healthy sex life also leads to intimacy and increased bonding. In addition, this strong social connection can lower anxiety and depression, two major factors leading to heart disease.

3. Heart Disease Factors Affect Erectile Dysfunction

The very same factors that affect heart disease also affect erectile dysfunction. Therefore, when you reduce your heart disease factors, you lower your chances of developing erectile dysfunction.

For example, reducing smoking, alcohol consumption, and excess weight will lower your chances of developing both heart disease and ED. If you throw in exercise and a healthy diet, you also move farther away from these debilitating conditions.

4. ED Treatment Improves Heart Health

If you do develop erectile dysfunction, the treatment your doctor prescribes will also improve your heart health. For example, you can naturally increase your testosterone levels by exercising more, losing weight, and reducing your stress. These three actions are all things a cardiologist would recommend to improve your heart health.

Basic health tips for men will improve heart health and decrease erectile dysfunction. If you adopt a heart-healthy diet that focuses on vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein, whole grains, and fruits, you’ll see your sexual health improve and your heart health.

5. You May Still Need Intervention

Sometimes, lifestyle changes aren’t enough. For example, you can do everything possible to change your habits and still need blood pressure medication or medication for your heart disease. In the same way, you may still need medication for your erectile dysfunction.

Taking men’s enhancement pills can improve your sexual activity and reduce erectile dysfunction. A basic enhancement pill may be just what you need to boost your activity as you combat erectile dysfunction from all angles.

Stay Healthy, Stay Active

You have some amount of control over both erectile dysfunction and heart disease. You can adopt a healthy lifestyle with less stress, more exercise, more sexual intercourse, and a healthy diet.

Understanding the connection between erectile dysfunction and heart disease will only make your life fuller and better. Could you keep visiting our site for more articles that improve your life?

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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