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Eset North America is one of the most awarded antivirus vendors today, maintaining its reputation for many years. Its beginnings can be traced back to 1987, with its first code called NOD software. This industry would start a long-lived career, becoming synonymous with digital security and protection.

Eset has managed to eradicate many cyber threats on millions of devices. From computers to cell phones and tablets, they are currently vulnerable to millions of viruses circulating on the Internet. While some others are encrypted in files, with this protector, you will get a real guarantee!

Not only will your devices be protected, but you will enjoy great benefits such as parental control, scheduled scans, anti-theft software for laptops and other devices, banking protection, webcam protection, and the favorite of many, gamer mode.

Next, we will explain in more detail how Eset works and its best features.

How does Eset work?

Eset is one of the most competitive antiviruses in the market due to its excellent performance. An indispensable tool in any computer or device. With the use of a technological engine called ThreatSense, this provider offers the services of an excellent tool in charge of detecting threats or viruses in real time.

Eset works through a constant execution code; you can perform any task, and the antivirus will keep its protection functions active. Avoiding possible damage caused by known malware, this program is also constantly updated. Its database is expanded daily, adding new viruses and possible threats to detect them more easily.

Eset has also combined four significant and essential features: scanning speed, efficiency, low impact, and effectiveness in stopping threats.

How to contact Eset’s services?

Endorsed by many companies worldwide, Eset offers your computer protection with its Nod32 antivirus. Thanks to real-time protection, you will be safe from cyber-attacks and invasions of privacy by hackers.

You only need to access Eset’s official website to contract this protection and security service. You can request a free trial, where you will not be asked for any banking information. With this version, you will visualize and test several of its functions, although not all. Remember, it is only a test.

Eset offers different plans and prices according to the services included in them. Next, we will detail each one of them.

1.     Eset NOD32 Antivirus:

This package is the fastest and lightest offered by Eset. The perfect choice for users who do not want any interruption during their computers. Service is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. With an annual value of $39.99 (one computer included).

2.     Eset Internet Security:

This service offers advanced protection against all types of Internet threats for all devices. These include PCs, tablets, mobiles, and laptops. Available for macOS, Android, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Protection includes security for kids, public network protection, online identity protection, webcam, and router control. Protection of your computer’s core, antivirus and antispyware, antispam, and real-time banking protection. In addition, it offers an innovative lost computer recovery service with an annual cost of $49.99 (one computer included).

3.     Eset Smart Security Premium:

This complete package includes all the NOD 32 package and Internet Security benefits. Adding the functions of security reports, a password manager for applications, and data encryption. The complete package, the most expensive has an annual value of $59.99 (one device included).

4.     Eset Parental Control:

For $29.99 per year (one device included), you will get a service dedicated to protecting the youngest members of the household. Available through the app for Android smartphones and tablets. Allowing parents to supervise their children’s internet use.

5.     Eset Mobile Security:

A dedicated package for mobile security, including online identity protection, antispam, antivirus, and lost device recovery, costs $14.99 per year (one device included).

6.     Eset Cyber Security:

For $39.99, you will hire the cybersecurity service, essential protection for Mac and other devices. It guarantees fast and powerful protection without slowdowns.

7.     Eset Cyber Security Pro:

Advanced Internet security, including a personal firewall and parental control. Guaranteed protection for Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux devices. For a cost of $49.99

You can add more devices at an additional cost of $10 per device to all Eset packages. In addition, if you want to hire any package for 2 years, you will get a 20% discount.

Is Eset North America reliable?

With more than 30 years of operation and guarantee in all its services, we will find some pros and cons in a matter of comparisons. However, it should be noted that Eset remains at the top of computer security providers for its strength, experience, and constant renewal. All their licenses and permits are up to date to provide peace of mind to their users. In addition, they have excellent customer service!


  • Powerful real-time protection for Android devices.
  • Excellent scores in comparative antivirus labs.
  • Modern anti-theft software for portable devices.
  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Different purchase packages according to your needs.


  • Quite annoying firewall pop-ups have been observed.
  • The parental control package is minimal.
  • In the premium package, we will find a few services available for macOS.

At the End

Due to its great experience in the market, Eset is undoubtedly a highly recommended option. In their different protection packages for desktop, mobile, and laptop computers, they completely satisfy the needs of their customers. Furthermore, with a 30-day free trial, you can test the software and analyze its performance and effectiveness.  A solid and complete platform full of powerful tools guaranteeing your privacy and security in all aspects of computing.

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