Examples of Animated Explainer Videos

Animated videos are great conversion tools.  Therefore, today we will talk about this in more detail.

There are various types of animated videos that help encourage the buyer to watch the video to the end, become interested, and make a purchase.  Therefore, today we will look at the main types of videos.

Each type is special in its own way.  It all depends on the business and your field of activity.  But if you want to create something truly unique, then look no further than the explainer video maker at Explain Ninja.

Animation Video: Narrative Type

Twenergy from the Endesa group needed to explain to the general public what a particular product is and what it is used for: an energy certificate for their broadcast at a major event.  Instead of a descriptive video, it was decided to create a story (storytelling) that would “hook” the event participant more.

Therefore, there is a type where you can simply tell the story of the creation of your product.  Many people will find this very interesting.

Animated video to explain the service

The business center needed to explain to a group of HR directors of large companies what the essence of his service was.  It was “Company Training,” a very specific service that required detailed explanation and attention from those present.  It is curious that the environment, so thought-provoking, impressive objects, forced the participants to concentrate.  Thanks to an interesting video, we managed to attract their attention and make them watch until the end.

That is, you need to tell about your product in the most interesting way, including the main features and advantages.

Animated video for submission to the public competition

As a reinforcement for winning the public competition that Creara entered, they asked us to provide an animated video explaining their proposal.  On the day of the presentation of your proposal, in addition to the detailed proposal, this animation was presented.  Are you asking yourself if he won the competition?  Yes, it has been won.  The suggestion was very good and professional and maybe this video played a part too.

Animated video for the presentation: 10 keys to…

This type of video is a highlighting the most interesting features of a product or service.  That is, you tell why the product is good to point by point.  Thus, many customers will want to buy and test it.

Animated video about the brand

This type and example are slightly different from storytelling and other examples.  Here you need to present the strengths of the brand and tell its achievements.  It should not be a creation story. It should be a video where you tell why your brand deserves attention.

Summing up, we can say that there are no restrictions when creating animated videos.  You can invent whatever and however you like.  The main goal is to present your product in an interesting and beautiful way.  If you are interested in this, you can get more info.

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Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

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