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Finding a lender who will loan you can be rough work, especially if you have poor credit. Taking the time to submit applications and wait for status confirmation is also an added stress you don’t need. This is why companies like ExtraLend exist. You qualify for a personal installment loan to find and connect you with lenders.

Learn more about installment loans and connection services in this detailed review of the services you receive when using ExtraLend.

Learn More About ExtraLend And What It Offers

Payday and installment loans all have a sore opinion, based on their history of high APR and businesses that have learned to take advantage of the financially vulnerable. Trusting a business with your time and financial matters is a stressful choice.

ExtraLend works with other loan companies to provide quick, easy options you already qualify for. It makes connection loan services a great tool for first-time borrowers or anyone who wants to cut out the extra work.

When you use ExtraLend to help you, you’re given instant access to all of these services they offer:

  • Up to $3,000 for a personal loan *
  • Simplistic advanced filter controls
  • Easy and fast application
  • Two-minute confirmation after applying
  • No credit check required: perfect for low credit borrowers
  • Next-day availability for your funds
  • Tons of lender choices available to browse and select your offer from
  • Available in almost every state in the USA

*depending on your state laws.

Understanding the thinking behind loan connection services that find companies to help you relate to ExtraLend and its mission. Desperate times often call for desperate measures, and an installment loan is a great option if you have a secure payment plan.

Allowing ExtraLend to put in the heavy lifting takes more from your back, and their history with servicing those in need is extremely high. Trusting a reputable business known for success is the best way to connect yourself with equally trustworthy companies.

How Does This Loan Connection Service Work?

Though ExtraLend isn’t the only service of its kind available, many have found plenty of success going through their company. There are a few reasons why so many people like using ExtraLend and other companies with the same purpose.

Going through a service that connects you instantly with options you qualify for saves you time, stress, and effort. It gets you closer to your needed funds faster and protects you from the frustration and disappointment that searching for a loan can bring.

ExtraLend is free to apply for, and you aren’t required to accept any offers they discover for you. It’s your choice to accept or deny anything ExtraLend finds without repercussion. So many people enjoy the freedom to browse, consider, and then come back later for a decision.

Are our Installment Loans Different From Payday Loans?

Sometimes when people hear the term payday loans, they tense up. Indeed, their reputation isn’t always the most positive, but it doesn’t have to be a financial failure for everyone involved if you play your cards right. Many people have found great success and help through personal loans.

Installment loans through ExtraLend are a great alternative to those insecure about the reliability of payday loans. The APR is lower, you have longer grace periods, and the loan term is longer, with payment plans allowing you to pay back your debt over time. Many people already know how an installment loan works because car payments, mortgages, and other debts are paid back over time.

Can ExtraLend Help You?

ExtraLend helps you secure a reliable installment loan with reputable companies that you qualify for. It’s different from a payday loan since it offers semi-long-term payment options and comes with several different lending companies to choose from.

This kind of freedom is readily available, changes the game, and gives you peace of mind about your financial future. ExtraLend and similar companies thrive by their promise to connect you with the services you need fast.  Plus, they have a team ready to help you by answering any questions.

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