6 Fantastic Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Based on research, 39% to 93% of children and adolescents have malocclusion or misaligned teeth.

Most people think opting to straighten your crooked or misaligned teeth is just a physical alteration to make yourself look better. However, there are several health benefits of straight teeth.

A common misconception many people have is that those who invest in orthodontia or wear braces are just obsessed with perfect smiles and their general appearance.

This is not the case; it’s due to the health issues tied to having unaligned teeth. Straightening your teeth will, without a doubt, give you a fantastic smile and boost your confidence.

It also goes a long way in ensuring your oral health is in check and you don’t go through any difficulties due to crooked teeth.

This article discusses six fantastic health benefits of straight teeth.

1. Healthier Teeth

When food and saliva come in contact with the bacteria in your mouth, they form a substance called plaque. The bacteria found in plaque feed on the starch and sugars you ingest. They then release acids that cause the tooth enamel to wear off, leading to tooth decay.

The only way to prevent tooth decay is by brushing your teeth and frequent flossing. However, you may not be very efficient when brushing and flossing if you have crooked teeth.

It’s harder to brush between the uneven gaps found in misaligned teeth. This is where plaque forms, and reaching it is almost impossible in crooked teeth.

When you have straight teeth, brush bristles can reach all corners of the tooth, ensuring no food remains.

This improves your oral health and makes sure you don’t spend money getting cavities filled, which is also a painful process.

2. Straight Teeth Last Longer

A lot of pressure is generated when biting and chewing. This causes fast wear and tear, especially for unaligned teeth. These teeth can’t cope with this pressure and will eventually weaken.

Teeth impacted by malocclusion are highly affected by bite problems. This is because the teeth might break and chip once the pressure is on the wrong areas.

Protruding teeth are also most likely to break in case of an accident. This is because they are probably outside the mouth cavity and lack the protection other parts of the mouth provide.

The protruding teeth will break, chip, or crack if you get hit directly on the mouth. This means they are probably not going to last a long time before you have to replace them.

However, perfectly straight teeth are better protected from any impact or trauma.

3. Improved Digestion

A good digestion process is one of the benefits of straight teeth. The general function of teeth is to chew and break down food. Better chewing automatically results in better digestion.

Straight teeth let you chew your food thoroughly, thus speeding up digestion. Regardless of whether you’re a healthy eater, unaligned teeth mean you can’t chew properly, hence poor digestion.

Being unable to chew your food effectively makes work harder for the stomach and intestines. They will have to take up the task of breaking down large chunks of food, which is the mouth’s work.

With straight teeth, you will have a healthy gut and fewer stomach problems caused by indigestion.

4. Straight Teeth Prevent Jaw and Neck Strain

Problems with biting affect the teeth, their muscles, and the joints of the jaw. Misaligned or crooked teeth cause a strain that irritates the muscles and joints that connect your jaw to your skull.

Jaw misalignment leads to temporomandibular joint disorders that cause a lot of pain. These disorders bring about intense headaches, dizziness, earaches, and uncomfortable ringing in your ears.

Other areas, like your neck muscles, are also affected by crooked teeth due to the stress inflicted when chewing. It’s advisable to have braces or Invisalign placed on your teeth to straighten them.

This adult braces option enables you to realign your teeth and fill any unwanted gaps. It helps reduce the strain you are causing to your jawbone when you chew or talk.

5. Improved and Clearer Speech

Teeth play an important role when it comes to speech. Crooked teeth increase the chances of you developing speech problems such as lisps.

How you pronounce words is mostly attributed to the shape and positioning of your teeth. The gaps in your teeth are also responsible for the airflow required to articulate words.

You can also have speech impediments if you’ve developed coping mechanisms to hide your misaligned teeth. This makes you speak differently to ensure people can’t see your teeth.

Crooked teeth tend to come out early, which may lead to issues with speech. Straight teeth can pronounce certain sounds and project airflow as you should when speaking.

6. Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem

One of the straight teeth’ most common health benefits is confidence and boosted esteem. How you look directly affects how you feel about yourself and your health.

If you’re self-conscious about your smile and constantly feel the need to hide it, then the chances are that this will have a negative impact on your overall health.

Having beautiful teeth means a better smile that will positively impact your relationships, academics, and career.

Getting your teeth aligned in a way that will establish how to get a better smile and boost your esteem.

Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Investing in orthodontia and teeth straightening is essential to ensuring your oral and general health is in check.

Having aligned teeth is mostly considered a way to improve your physical appearance. However, there are several health benefits of straight teeth.

Aligned teeth prevent muscle strains, give clearer speech, and improve digestion. All these are reasons why you should strive to have straight teeth.

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