7 Awesome Female Travelers to Follow on Social Media

Traveling is a fashionable topic. The modern world opens up broad horizons for every person. Someone rushes long distances. Someone travels around their native country. And many seek to share their experiences with others. As a result, travel blogging has become a mass phenomenon. These girls dedicated their lives to traveling and running beautiful, stylish, and motivating blogs on how to live actively and learn about our vast planet.

Who wouldn’t want to visit the desert in Dubai or take a walk through the dense mangrove forest in Costa Rica? Indeed, you have repeatedly looked for places where you would like to spend your vacation or at least a weekend, searched for intramural businesses and cozy cafes. We have prepared a list of female travelers who discover the open spaces of our planet and share life hacks and tips with their subscribers on where to relax and what to see so that your vacation is not trivial. It’s nice to follow them on social media!

  1.   Kirsten Rich

Under the nickname Kiki, Kirsten Rich has a travel account followed by half a million people. Kirsten is a good storyteller and motivator: according to her story, the girl quit her job in corporate finance to travel the world! This happened during a difficult period of her life when a boyfriend left her alone.

It is sometimes so important to find out in time whether your loved ones just play hard to get or don’t love you at all.

  1.   Leslie Murphy

Leslie is an American journalist who spends most of her life traveling worldwide. She not only interestingly expresses her thoughts under beautiful photos on Instagram but also encourages people to strive for what they want. “I just went to my goal. And now I live as I always wanted!” – Leslie says to her subscribers.

  1.   Gloria Atanmo

Gloria’s blog discusses how you can travel alone and not feel devastated. She managed to visit 58 countries where she collaborated with different brands. Gloria also gives practical advice on tourism and shares unusual places worth visiting. She also wrote a book about her experiences and perfected the art of solo photography. Her shots look as if the group of photographers is traveling with her.

  1.   Megan Williams

Do you want to know the best ways of traveling? Then, go to the page to Megan! But she positions herself not only as a travel blogger but also as a girl keenly interested in style issues. That is why Meg’s account is not only pictures of beautiful places that the girl visited but also a presentation of her stylish and very bright images!

  1.   Chelsea Yamasa

Hawaii is the place where the travel blogger Chelsea Yamasa lives. Perhaps thanks to the beautiful island with a measured rhythm of life, Chelsea could understand how to help other people with her creativity: Yamasa inspires more than 500 thousand followers, searching for new experiences and caring for the environment. The girl loves water sports, modeling, and the creative process.

  1.   Oneika Raymond

Oneika is a travel journalist who has gone from being a blogger to owning her web series Big City, Small Budget on Travel Channel. She visited 101 countries, so this girl has something to tell you. Oneika pays a lot of attention to the theme of travel and raises the issue of solitary tourism of African-American women.

  1.   Lauren Bullen

This beautiful girl and her boyfriend, Jack Morris, live in Bali. But they try to travel as often as possible. When Instagram wasn’t popular, Lauren earned more than $5,000 a month on ads (she told about it on the page herself). In 2019, the girl made much more but didn’t reveal the exact information.

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