Best Free Tattoo Design Websites to Discover

Getting a tattoo can be difficult, especially when you are 100% sure what design you want. For this reason, we bring you a list of the best free tattoo design websites on the internet.

After all, we know well that creating your design may sound difficult. Still, these sites offer you facilities to create a relatively unique design or take pre-designed ideas to your preferred tattoo artist.

So, let’s get going with this list, and you will find the best tattoo design to get on your skin immediately.

Custom Tattoo Design

Custom Tattoo Design

Official Site

Although the purpose of this website is not to give you any free design but rather to sell you the service of design and tattoo here, you will find an incredible gallery in which you can guide if you want to get models quite adjusted to different preferences.

They also offer a cool enough system to convert your design ideas into 100% professional art. If you are unsatisfied with the design they are offering you based on your idea, they give you a full money-back guarantee.

Additionally, if you are an ink addict, you can have your sleeve design created at a meager cost –Which is work that not everybody does.

World Tattoo Gallery

Official Site

This website has much more focused on what we really look for in our list, so here you’ll find a brutal gallery of tattoos of everything from hyperrealism to symbolic design, including interesting categories like “new designs styles” and “motives” to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Besides, this website has a page of tattoo models, each with a unique style that you can follow on social media to fall in love with.

Besides, you can search the designs by “artist” through the homonym tab. In this case, you can get the artists according to their nationality or location, which can make your search easier if you do not have someone to put the ink on your skin back home –Keep in mind that this site records artists from all over the world, so you can also get on a Tattoo vacation which is more exciting and can ease your budget.

No Regrets Tattoo

No Regrets Tattoo

Official Site

This site is dedicated exclusively to offering you tattoo ideas. Therefore, it establishes a fairly simple navigation system based on ideas and tastes.

How can you imagine in the men’s tattoo section, you will find more rustic designs while the women’s tattoo section finds designs with touches of more delicate curves and more feminine themes?

On the other hand, in tattoo lettering, you can find many tattoo examples with writings in several languages and fonts that could catch your attention.

This website is partially new but has a friendly design and many tattoo examples on any part of the body that is quite interesting. Also, despite being a little messy, you can find on the main page categories by styles, which I guarantee you can cover exactly what you’re looking for.

Official Site

A little off the lane, is a blog-type magazine about the world of ink. Here you’ll find a lot of articles and news, including where you can go to tattoo conventions, a list of extremely professional and talented artists –with designs that are probably out of your initial budget-, and information about bands, concerts, and entertainment videos, and of course a photo gallery of famous tattoos or just extremely cool designs.

The bad thing about this page is that since it’s not exclusively dedicated to showing you tattoo designs, you could spend a few hours in its gallery until you get something that suits what you’re looking for, especially if you have a specific style in mind.

True Artists

Tattoo Design

Official Site

So, relying on a page that helps you get a certified artist in your area is not a bad idea.

On this website, you can search for an artist within your reach and observe the work of artists certified and awarded for their work on the Skin Canvas.

This website does not exclusively offer you designs to copy. However, it offers you galleries of artists awarded for their work and an itinerary of works and conventions so that you know where and when to locate the best tattoo artists in your area.

Therefore, visiting True Artists is a great idea regardless of your budget before choosing a design.

Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Design

Official Site

Going back to the world of free options, Tattoo ideas is a community website with designs from artists worldwide. You can even request a design from one of the collaborating artists by placing their ideas in the gallery.

One of the most important highlights of this website is that it offers you more than 15 categories, including abstract tattoos, bird themes, cartoons, or even special designs to get a couple’s tattoo.

However, finding a design based on a specific style beyond these categories is difficult. Hence, it would be best if you had in mind a little more open idea of what you want to do or contact one of the artists directly to see what they offer.

Another plus point of Tattoo ideas is that it allows you to precisely contact an artist anywhere in the world and receive your tattoo design by email.

It should be noted that each artist is willing to charge for their design. So it won’t be free if you don’t take something from the gallery and want something more personalized.


Tattoo Design

Official Site

This website works directly with artists and tattoo studios throughout the United States, so you can find various artists who can work your skin anywhere in the country.

This website highlights that the first way you can get tattoo ideas is through the common Styles section, where you will find complete galleries of the most popular tattoo styles.

For example, at the time of writing is ready for you. What is most fashionable are the Chicano styles, fine-line, and horror.

We also have a count of tattoos that are a trend at the moment and allow you to see the artists and their social networks for you to see, and their work fits what you want to do on your body.

Before Getting Your Tattoo

Since you’re looking for ideas to get a tattoo, I recommend considering these considerations before each session.

  • Remember to hydrate, and drink water 24 hours before getting the tattoo.
  • Avoid consuming aspirin, alcohol, or anything else that makes your blood lighter for at least one day before each session.
  • When assisting the artist, wear comfortable and preferably loose-fitting clothing. Remember that your skin is going to be quite sensitive when you retire.
  • Eat well before you start tattooing. Remind yourself that this process could lower your blood pressure.
  • Lastly, you must keep your skin hydrated at least a week in advance to absorb the ink more easily.

Remember that getting your first tattoo can be a bit of a painful experience. So if you have some fear of needles or don’t like to feel pain, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself psychologically and preferably bring some utensils with you, like a stress ball, on the day you’re going to start tattooing so that you can adapt more easily to the needlework on your skin.

In Conclusion

Getting a tattoo is a fairly permanent decision, So you must plan a design you’ll like all your life. This list shows you a few options to review extensive galleries of designs that can catch your attention.

We also strongly recommend contacting a professional tattoo artist directly to get a clearer idea of which parts of your body are ideal to start applying ink. Remember that not all parts of the body have the same sensitivity, and in some, you will feel much more pain than in others, so you may not be prepared from good to first for the worst.

Besides, consider these forecasts, and hopefully, you’ll get the design you’re looking for on one of our best free Tattoo design websites to Discover.

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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