9 Entertaining Ways You Can Fulfil Your Adult Fantasies

Every adult has sexual fantasies, but some are more extreme and are harder to fulfill than others. If you cannot fulfill your desires and fantasies, then you will never achieve true sexual satisfaction. Not being satisfied sexually can actually be bad for your health. So, with this in mind, it is essential that you take proactive steps to make sure that you are achieving sexual fulfillment.

If actually turning your fantasies into a reality seems a little daunting to you, then don’t worry. This post has got you covered.

9 Entertaining Ways You Can Fulfil Your Adult Fantasies

Phone Chatting

A very good way of fulfilling your fantasies is to use a phone chat service. The good thing about these services is that you can talk to women anonymously, meaning there’s no limit to what you talk about within reason. There are many different specialist types of services, from granny phone sex lines to ones specializing in BDSM and even lesbian duos. You should be aware that using these services can be quite expensive. They sometimes charge a lot of money when you call in. Always check the specific line’s rates before calling.

Using Escorts

Escorts are another highly effective way of fulfilling your fantasies because, like phone girls, they will do more or less anything you want. An escort might charge a little bit more for specific requests, but as long as you aren’t requesting something too extreme, they will probably be interested. One of the best ways to ensure that you find an escort who’s open to your suggestions is to work with an escort agency. When you contact an agency rather than an individual escort, they can send somebody over to you who’s open and willing to try out what it is that you are interested in.

Custom Content

Something else you might want to consider as an alternative to hiring an escort is paying a model on OnlyFans or another similar platform to create customized content for you. Like escorts, models charge more on these sites when you give them specific requests. The amount that’s charged depends largely upon the model and its popularity. You should be aware that there are limits to what people can and will do on these sites, even if you’re paying a lot. So, if your request is highly specific and unachievable, you might want to hire an escort.

Sex Partners

If you have more than one sex partner, you could ask one of them to consider your fantasies. If they are very open sexually and what you’re asking isn’t too extreme, then they probably will. One thing that is worth considering is using a forum to find out information about local swinger clubs. A swinger’s club is where people meet up for sex. Attending one of these clubs can be a good way of making friends who share your passion for sex. You can then take these people’s numbers and meet them one-on-one, which gives you a chance to ask if they would be willing to try whatever it is that you’re interested in.


Webcam Chatting

There are various sites on the internet that give you the chance to webcam chat with strangers. Some of these sites also allow you to have sex chat with people. However, on webcam chat sites, it’s common to find people undressed and already masturbating. Children use these sites, so that kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Sex chats aren’t guaranteed with adults, either. Keep yourself fully clothed and explain to anybody you are attracted to what you are there for, and if they are interested, they will give their consent for you to get undressed.

Open Communication

If you are already in a relationship, you should be open about your sexual interests. Again, as long as your interests aren’t very extreme, your partner should be willing to oblige you and try them out. If there are any specific outfits that you want them to wear, then you should go out and buy them. Make sure that you aren’t forceful when you are communicating your desires. Being forceful could lead to them agreeing to give them a go, even if they really don’t want to.

Start Slowly

When you are trying fantasies out with somebody with whom you have been in a relationship for a while, it’s a good idea to start out slowly. You don’t want to move too fast. Moving too fast could make them and you uncomfortable. Going back to communication for a moment, explain everything your particular interests entail extensively. This is so that they can prepare themselves mentally and physically. There should be no ambiguity about what you want. Ambiguity only ever creates confusion.

Be Understanding

If your partner isn’t interested, then be understanding. Not everybody is adventurous sexually. It is especially important to be understanding of your partner if your desires are more extreme. However, it should be noted that nobody else will just because your partner does not want to live your fantasies out with you. You may want to reconsider your relationship if you aren’t receiving fulfillment from it. You could even ask them if they would be willing to allow you to hire an escort so that you can try out your fantasies without committing yourself to a relationship with anybody else.


Finally, if your partner agrees, be gentle and slow. Some more extreme forms of sex, like BDSM, can be rough. You could spook them if you are not gentle with your partner. It is likewise important to be gentle with anybody else that you are trying new things out with unless they have specifically told you that they want you to be rough. You should be gentle for their sake and for your own. If you have not done something before, then being rough and not taking the time to learn what you are meant to do could lead to you making mistakes.

Consider the points outlined here if you feel like your sexual fantasies aren’t fulfilled in your relationship or life. Achieving sexual satisfaction and fulfillment can improve your life significantly. Everybody deserves to be fulfilled, so if you’re not, then act now.

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