5 Great Benefits of Selling Your Products Direct to Consumer

The landscape of eCommerce is changing, with more companies choosing to sell their products direct to consumer instead of using a more traditional approach and selling through retailers. This changing landscape may have something to do with the 81% of consumers planning to shop directly from companies instead of third-party retailers.

Consumers enjoy buying directly from a company because they get better access, support, and overall experience. If you are considering selling direct to consumers, here are five reasons why you should.

1. Control Your Brand Image and Story

A direct-to-consumer distribution model allows you to control your brand image and story. Selling through retailers can dilute what is impactful and engaging about your brand because you are just one of many available through that retailer. A retailer cannot convey your brand as you can.

By allowing consumers to purchase directly from your website and retail stores, your customers will be immersed in a brand experience that is uniquely yours.

2. Provide a Better Experience for Your Customer

A significant benefit of direct-to-consumer sales is the experience your customers can have with your brand. When purchasing from a retailer, all of the information given to the customer is funneled through a third party, and some of that information can get lost in translation. In addition, depending on your product, refunds and exchanges can be frustrating experiences for the customer.

Providing a better experience overall is a great way to retain customers by strengthening customer loyalty.

3. Lessen Your Dependence on Retailers

One of the significant advantages of direct selling is that you will be able to lessen your dependence on retailers. You can make sales through your company channels and not have to depend on retailers to sell your product. In addition, by selling direct, you will no longer have the instability of placing all your eggs in one basket.

4. Offer More Products to Your Customer

Using a direct to consumer channel allows your company to sell more products to your customers. Since retailers sell many brands, they typically have a limited amount of stock for each brand. Selling directly to the customer allows you to offer every color, size, and style of a product to a customer and even expand your brand, much like Peter Faricy is doing for  Discovery, Inc.

5. Build Better Customer Relationships

Selling direct to consumers allows you to build better relationships with your customers. You will receive their feedback and other communication first-hand, enabling you to tailor your efforts based on what your customer wants and needs from your company.

You will also be able to collect contact information through email sign-up, etc., to keep in touch and keep your brand fresh in their mind.

There Are Many Benefits of Selling Direct to Consumer

By selling direct to consumers, you can control your brand image and story and provide a better experience for your customer. You’ll also be able to expand your customer base and build valuable relationships that will result in loyal customers.

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Oscar Rojas
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