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Growing indoor plants is a hobby that is growing rapidly. Green spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to their beauty and the amazing effect they have on the planet as well as the air we breathe. With a huge variety of indoor plants available, it’s not always easy knowing which one is ideal for your needs. Fortunately, NatureThings comes in to make your life easier.

What is NatureThings?

NatureThings is an online platform that allows you to do a variety of things:

  • Shop for indoor plants online
  • Discover new green space ideas
  • Find the perfect plant for your space using their quiz
  • Get ongoing tips & advice catered to your plant & space via WhatsApp

They bring you an online shop with hundreds of plants sourced locally to get fresh, high-quality indoor plants online. These plants are delivered right to your doorstep, making them ideal for personal use, sending to people as gifts, or even for public events.

If you aren’t exactly sure which plant to choose, check out their Find a Match plant quiz, which guides you through an in-depth survey. They ask questions like how much sunlight your space gets per day, how often you want to water the plants, and many other details in order to match you with the ideal indoor plants for your space.

Indoor Plants

Already know which plant you plan on growing? Not a problem – you can truly benefit from their WhatsApp guidance. This free service provides valuable tips, advice, and information about your specific plants. All you have to do is fill out a few details, and their WhatsApp automated tool will provide you with watering reminders, tips on which fertilizer to use, how much sunlight you should be giving your plants per day, and so much more. Quickly detect whether or not your plant is sick and get real-time expert advice from the NatureThings team of experts.

Get Indoor Plant Inspirations

NatureThings also provides you with inspiration for indoor spaces. Whether you’re growing a small pickle plant succulent or even if you want to try growing a large leaf plant, they can help share ideas on how to structure the space within your home to accommodate these plants. They have an entire section called “Get Ideas,” which is created similarly to a Pinterest platform, where their users share their creations, their green indoor spaces, and what they’ve accomplished with their plants.

This entire section is also free to use and can give you amazing ideas on decorating your home for indoor plants. You can learn about plant accessories that others are using and important information, such as which soil has worked best for a specific plant type.

This is a great space for plant lovers to browse, with tons of content added daily. You can even upvote user posts and save your favorite ones to your library so you can quickly get back to them at a later time.

NatureThings Indoor Plant Shop

Do you know what plant you’d like to grow but can’t seem to find it anywhere? NatureThings has your back!

With hundreds of different plant varieties available for sale through their online shop, you can quickly order the plant of your dreams and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. NatureThings sources these plants from local plant nurseries, so you know you’ll be getting high-quality plants every time. Well-packaged – you can rest assured that it will arrive intact.

For every plant you browse online, you’ll be provided valuable growing tips and advice on the product pages. This helps you know how much water to expect to give each plant, how much sunlight it will need, and whether or not you need to add fertilizer. You’ll even be given tips on which growing medium works best.

Their online shop doesn’t just end with plants – you can also shop for plant terrariums, growing mediums, plant pots & indoor plant accessories.

Browse NatureThings today if you’re a plant lover!

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