Gunskins Review – A New Look For Your Gun

It’s a bit complicated to be a gun collector or simple gun carrier these days. At the same time, it’s even more complicated to find a company dedicated to customizing and protecting your gun collection. For this reason, Gunskins has been dedicated to filling this gap in the market for almost ten years.

They have sections for the customization and protection of a large number of guns. You can get different designs for guns of many types and even installation equipment. In addition, they have clothing allusive to the company, so you can take your passion for guns to the way you dress.

Below, we bring you a guide with all the sections and conditions you should know about Gunskins.

How does it work?

To begin with, you should keep in mind that Gunskins is dedicated to selling vinyl gun wraps. In addition, such wraps are waterproof and non-reflective, but they must be installed by yourself. For this reason, when you buy a product from Gunskins, you will be getting the design material, but you will require an installation team.

Now, if you have already decided to study the Gunskins catalog, you can go into the different categories of its platform. You can search for designs under two parameters: by the weapon or by design.

If you decide to look for the ideal design for a particular gun, you should go to the Products section. When you overlay on this option you will see a list of the different gun alternatives in stock. For example, you could search for a particular design for an AK-47. Thus, you will find different alternatives for the gun body, the magazine, and the rail.

On the other hand, to search by design type, you need to go to the Patterns section. This way, you will have different styles of wraps with different qualities.

In case you are not quite clear on what the difference between the wrap types is, Gunskins solves this for you. The company adds a brief description of the function of a particular wrap and information about where it is used.

You may not be convinced by the description of the designs or the images on the platform. For this reason, Gunskins dedicates an entire section to uploading real images about the results of their wraps. Here you can find different designs taken by real Gunskins customers.

How much does it cost?

The prices are very variable. It all depends on the gun you are interested in and how much the wrap covers.

For example, if you go to the section on designs for rifles and sights you will have different alternatives at your disposal.

For its part, a wrap for the body of the rifle costs $67.99. Meanwhile, the budget for the same type of wrap but functional for the body and the scope is $85.48. The latter is priced at $89.98, however, Gunskins tends to discount frequently. Finally, the peephole alone costs $21.99.

As you can see, it is much cheaper to buy the design for the complete weapon. In addition, these prices are well below those offered by the few platforms in this market.

On the other hand, at this moment they have several offers available for you. As you can imagine, this is a special offer for the upcoming 4th of July. It consists of 3 different AR15 wraps for chargers. This does not stop here; with the purchase of the package, they will be giving you an additional design. Currently, this promotion costs $34.99, while it is usually priced above $40.

Payment methods

Regarding payment methods, Gunskins has a wide enough variety in its listing. You can make purchases on the platform through:

Amazon – American Express – Apple Pay – Diners Club – Discover – Facebook Pay

Google Pay – Mastercard – Paypal – Shop Pay – Venmo – Visa

Is it reliable?

There is no reason to distrust Gunskins. This platform has all the necessary protocols to maintain your security. At the moment they maintain an SSL system for your protection. In addition, it is a Shopify-certified store, so it is an excellent platform for e-commerce.

In case you are a bit suspicious of their items, you can always apply your 60-day guarantee. This is subject to certain conditions, but it will always be recognized by Gunskins if the guidelines are met.

You can verify the safety of the platform by using customer reviews as proof. Here you will find nothing but positive reviews and reviews that point to their products as being of excellent quality.

Customer service

You can always go to the Help section at the top of the main screen. When you enter this section, you will have at your disposal several categories used by their customers. In addition, they have a section of frequently asked questions, which is sufficiently nourished to solve any problem you may have.

If you want a personalized treatment, you can fill out a help form. Unfortunately, at the moment they do not have a live chat.


  • Wide variety of vinyl wraps
  • Low prices
  • Promotions available


  • Only available in the United States
  • No live chat

To Sum Up

Based on its products, this is a highly recommended platform. In it, you can get a huge amount of quality products at a fairly low price. In addition to that, we cannot ignore the excellent promotions they offer you.

The only thing that can be reproached is the poor reach it has. You can only buy these items in the United States. Moreover, they do not have an interactive method of real-time help.

Despite this, we still consider Gunskins to be an excellent platform to improve your gun collection. We recommend you take a look at their list of current items and promotions.

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