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Homelidays is a platform developed to make available booking options that are cheaper than a hotel. Homelidays is not responsible for the booking you make with the owner of the accommodation. This company is an indirect subsidiary of Expedia. They operate in 10 countries but mainly work in Europe.

What exactly does Homelidays do?

Homelidays have standard criteria that it requires of its registered owners. An owner can be a person or a real estate professional. Within the platform, you can chat with your counterpart and find out about the payments required. It is also a good opportunity to find out other details of the property that interest you.

You can filter your search mainly with:

  • Price stability
  • Location (taking the city center as a reference)
  • Valuation of other customers
  • Last update date
  • Classification as a popular destination
  • Number of comments
  • Availability of special offers
  • Immediate confirmation from the owner

He considers that this platform is not responsible for any altercation during the hiring or stay. For a dispute, you must find out the terms that apply to the reservation in question.

Trying to make sure to choose reliable owners the company has several requirements. These cover both the legal aspect and the comfort that they will offer you as a potential client. They have over 100,000 locations in 120 countries. You can view photos of the property on the site to see if it suits your needs.

How much does it cost?

When you make a reservation at Homelidays the price is subject to different variables. The better the property is located concerning the filters applied in the search the higher the price. The prices you receive from the owner are increased by the Homelidays rate. Despite having agreed with the rate. Even local government impositions can raise the cost significantly.

Factors such as location in the city are decisive. One thing that can help you save money is to find out the cost of car rentals. You can also consider access to public transportation or the availability of taxis in the area. The rest will depend on the assessment of the owner of the residence in question.

It is interesting to bear in mind that the website has seasonal offers. Such offers are pre-agreed between the site and the owner, the platform is the one that executes the reservation.

Is it reliable?

Bearing in mind that reservations with Homelidays do not involve professional staff the service is usually not the best. You will be subject to rental policies that respect the law. But you will also be subject to any restrictions imposed by the other party as appropriate.

Because of the latter, many people complain about the service they have received. They also state that the platform fee is too high. It is not stated visibly on the site. Comparing it with other similar platforms you can see this fact.

All the above is declared directly by the website. So we can’t say that they don’t do their part. Nevertheless, you should be very intuitive when choosing  a place, and read carefully the comments of previous customers.


  • You will deal directly with the property managers.
  • A greater sense of intimacy.
  • Possibility of very good offers compared to hotels.
  • Homelidays payment platform for seasonal offers.
  • You can apply many filters to find what you are looking for.
  • Many locations within Europe.
  • It’s easy to join their network of owners as long as you meet the requirements.
  • Feedback from previous customers offers a lot of help.
  • When a complaint is repetitive the owner is removed.


  • Each property is subject to private standards that vary greatly.
  • Prices may not be as cheap.
  • The platform fee is high.
  • They have a pretty bad overall rating.
  • It provides a few options to pay for reservations.
  • They have a no-return policy and depend on the owner’s will.
  • They are subsidiaries of another company.


Consider this option when your budget is limited. If your possibilities allow it, choose to book a hotel. Yet, Homelidays is ideal if you want to experience daily life in your chosen destination.

This is not the case when you stay in a hotel. Besides, you’ll have to deal with mobility since they don’t make it easy to hire cars on the website. All you have to do is search on the internet or ask the car rental company about it.

Finally, many users are dissatisfied with the outcome of their experience. Besides, local taxes can also raise the price of the rental. But those who are satisfied confirm that the experience will depend on the owner you hire.

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