How Much Do All-on Four Dental Implants Cost?

Are you among the 63% of adults who go to the dentist every year? If so, you’re taking control of your dental health — but you might also find out you need specific treatments during a visit. And if dental implants are in your future, you might be concerned about the financial impact. Read on to learn how much all-on four dental implants cost!

What Are Dental Implants?

If you lose a tooth, you’ll be a good candidate for a dental implant. While it might be tempting to wait on addressing the situation, don’t do it. Failing to fill the gap in your mouth could lead to shifting teeth, speech issues, and other dental problems.

Instead, turn to dental implants as a safe and more permanent solution. First, a dentist will create posts that attach to your jawbone and serve as replacement roots. Once that’s secure, your dentist will shape an artificial crown over the post to blend with the natural teeth around it.

You’ll receive an anesthetic during the procedure, so you don’t experience any discomfort. And a good dental lab will create a crown to replace your tooth that looks natural.

Know the Benefits of All-On Four Dental Implants

Why get all-on four dental implants? These implants can help you if you don’t have teeth on your arches. In this scenario, you could go with dentures. But the better solution is to go with all-on four dental implants for a stable and natural solution.

The number of crowns you need will impact how much you pay. For instance, you could pay an extra $5,000 or so if you need porcelain crowns in multiple parts of your mouth. But with all-on four dental implants, you gain the benefit of needing fewer appointments to arrive at a solution.

Before you choose the right implants for your needs, talk with your dentist and do some research. Dental implant education found here can be helpful for dental professionals seeking innovative techniques.

Explore the Different Treatment Options

With all-on four dental implants, you have a few options in terms of the materials used. Generally, acrylic is the go-to choice if you’re looking to keep your dental implants cost lower. Again, you’re looking at a price tag of around $25,000.

Other options include porcelain and titanium implants. For this choice, you’ll see a higher price of around $30,000. The higher investment from your budget results in teeth that tend to look closer to your original teeth.

Finally, for around $35,000, you can get porcelain crowns. You’ll get a more durable implant that looks natural when you smile. Again, look at your dental insurance plan to determine coverage limits, and talk with your dentist about payment installments.

Understand How Much All-On Four Dental Implants Cost

How much do all-on four dental implants cost? The type of implants and your individual dentist will impact the overall cost. Explore your treatment options, compare the pros and cons of each implant material, and look at repayment plans.

For more dental implants tips, check back soon for fresh and informative articles!

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