How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Services Cost?

By 2027, the commercial cleaning industry is expected to reach more than $468 billion in revenue. This is a 51.67% increase over the market’s value from 2020. The cleaning industry makes good money because the services are worth it. Not sure if you can afford commercial cleaning services? Keep reading to learn about the costs.

What Affects Commercial Cleaning Costs?

Commercial cleaning services vary in price depending on a wide range of factors. Hiring standard cleaners as a one-time service will cost less than businesses that utilize the cleaning services daily.

Here are some of the main factors that affect commercial cleaning costs:

  • Commercial cleaning rates per square footage
  • Commercial cleaning flat rates
  • Commercial cleaning hourly rates
  • One-time commercial cleaning rates
  • Number of windows and bathrooms

Commercial cleaning services can help various businesses, such as medical facilities, restaurants, churches, schools, retail locations, and much more. This is another factor that can affect the overall price.

Commercial Cleaning Rates Per Square Footage

On average, a commercial cleaning task costs about $0.10 per square foot. However, the price might be anywhere from $0.04 to $0.50 per square foot.

Cleaning companies that are hired for one-time cleaning will typically work on a square footage basis.

With these ranges, commercial cleaning prices may look something like this:

  • 1,000 or less square feet: $70-$150
  • 2,000 square feet: $140-$300
  • 3,000 square feet: $210-$450
  • 4,000 square feet: $280-$600
  • 5,000 square feet: $350-$750
  • 10,000 square feet: $700-$1,500

Of course, not every cleaning business charges by square footage. You can request a free quote from BearCom commercial cleaning to get a more accurate number for your business.

Commercial Cleaning Flat and Hourly Rates

Some commercial cleaning services charge flat rates based on what you need to be cleaned. Others charge by the hour.

Those who charge flat rates visit your space first to get an accurate quote. Your flat rate might look different than the company’s next-door rate.

Cleaning hourly rates are generally around $50 to $100 per hour per worker on the job. This means that if you have a large space that requires multiple cleaners, you’ll be spending more per hour.

Companies that charge an hourly rate provide free cost estimates and base their quote amounts on how long they believe it will take to clean your commercial space.

Number of Windows and Bathrooms

Not many business owners realize that the number of windows and bathrooms matter when receiving a quote for commercial cleaning costs.

In an office building, windows and bathrooms take much longer to clean and disinfect than other areas of the space.

The more windows and bathrooms your building has, the higher the total cleaning costs will be. The types of spaces getting cleaned can impact the overall cleaning cost. Additionally, specialized cleaning services such as floor scrubbing, performed with high-quality floor scrubbers, may incur additional charges depending on the size and condition of the floors.

Do You Need Commercial Cleaning Services?

Every business should consider hiring commercial cleaning services. Each cleaning company has different fees, but the charges are worth it!

Without commercial cleaning, your office won’t be as clean as it could be. While cleaners complete the job, you can focus on other aspects of the business.

Use this guide to budget for commercial cleaning services. Don’t forget to come back for more informative blogs like this.

Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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